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Internet Explorer says all downloads are viruses

Internet Explorer says all downloads are viruses

won’t download in Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome
Every time i download says all are virus and was deleted
in Windows xp, Windows vista, Windows 7, windows 8



I have a windows 7 Pc, with internet explorer 9, every time i open internet explorer and tried to download something downloading bar is running until end, but after done file is scanning for any virus and then it says me error “this file contained a virus and was deleted”, even i tried in google chrome and firefox as well in all the same thing happens, then i scan my whole computer by my antivirus for any infection but that did not found and virus.

This file contained a virus and was deleted


That you have some virus which it have corrupt your all the security program like: Microsoft Security Essential  / Microsoft Windows defender and the virus has corrupt some registry entries as well, that means have you scan your computer for any virus and then reinstall the any security program for live protection then you have to change some registry settings.


1. Uninstall windows update which are recently installed into your computer, since the problem started.

2. Open the task scheduler and remove all the tasks

3. Uninstall AVG Antivirus, because may be have some problem in AVG dll files

You should use their removal tool to uninstall any antivirus

Download >> AVG uninstall tool (if you are able to download from Google chrome)

Direct Link of AVG Uninstall Tools page: http://www.avg.com/in-en/utilities

5. Restart the Computer.

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When  i try to download i get error message and has Unable to download any files within a browser  and this error This Program or This File contained a virus and was deleted i research on that and got the solution of this error message every download gets deleted saying this program contained a virus after that you can get rid of All Downloads Say They Are a Virus message this is a Vista Error windows OS, This download contains a virus and is deleted  says Every time says all the download file contained a virus you get the projection to self  this error message and get it everything i download says contained a virus and was deleted read this article and get proper solution anything i download contains a virus and gets deleted this is not a virus this is just registry corruption contained a virus and was deleted ie 10 don not trust this error message contains a virus and was deleted ie9 it is done in few seconds this error message download contains virus deleted

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  1. avg_remover_stf__x64_2012_2125.exe contained a virus and was deleted. is what I get when downloading the avg uninstaller nd I cannot find even AVG anywhere in my REGEDIT files. Please tell me another solution. everything in internet explorer that is downloaded is deleted but it isn’t avg apparently.

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