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Online Cloud Backup Vs Cloud Storage

Difference Between Cloud Backup and Cloud Storage

Cloud storage and cloud backup are vital for both small and large organizations. That is because of the associated reliability and affordability. However, most people have difficulties differentiating the two forms of online services. Some people will even refer to the two services – cloud storage and cloud backup – as the same thing. That should not be happening! Proper understanding of the two terms should help you know the type of service you should select for your business.

Cloud Storage Vs Cloud backup

What is cloud backup?

Cloud backup, also referred to as online backup, was existing before the development of cloud or online storage. Cloud backup secures data and business continuity by backing up servers, files, virtual machines, and applications to store them for recovery if a disaster occurs.
In other words, cloud backup make a copy of every file you store on your computer, phone or tablet so that you can recover it later – a process known as restoring. Anytime a virus affects your files or your hard drive fails, you will easily restore the data.
Online backup process involves data collection, compression, encryption, and transfer to the cloud backup service servers. To reduce bandwidth usage and the time consumed in data transfer, the application runs backups incrementally after the first backup.

The main features of cloud backup

  • Allow users to backup unlimited data amount.
  • A user can restore files at any time provided he/she has an internet connection.
  • The backup process involves incremental data backups after the first backup.
  • Can have multiple version retention that user can restore the previous versions of any file.

Top Online Cloud backup service Providers

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a redesign of online backup. Even though services will vary from one provider to the other, most consumer-grade cloud storage services help in synchronizing and sharing files across various devices. The settings and the service you select, will determine whether the provider will store files directly in the cloud, on your devices or not.
With online storage, you can be able to access, modify, transfer, or share your files online. What’s more, cloud services allow collaborative sharing and therefore any other interested user can view or modify the data.
Mostly, online storage services work on web interfaces. They do not provide automatic file synchronizing or upload processes. It is the best solution for individuals desiring to share files through the cloud. Nevertheless, because the files are only encrypted on the server side, they are susceptible to threats.

The main features of cloud storage

  • Lets users select the files they want to sync across their devices.
  • Allows users to selectively share files with other individuals.
  • Allows users to synchronize the changes they have made to files on one of their devices to the other synced devices.

Top Online Cloud Storage Providers

Which service should I choose?

Today, most cloud backup services also include file sharing. Therefore, if you have already backed up your data to the cloud, you can easily make some of it available to other people. The providers will only allow you to access the data you want to share as a way of protecting your privacy.
If you require full protection against data loss in case of a disaster, you should select cloud backup. If someone steals or destroys your computer, you will easily recover everything from the cloud. The only limitation of online backup is that you won’t be able to share your files with other people.

Why Backup data using Cloud?

Everyone needs an online backup software. It keeps an extra copy of your data in times of a catastrophe and can help you avoid a loss. There are thousands of data backup software out there but only a small amount are worth your time and money. However, whom you might choose can save your companies or your work life. See the below advantages of backing up your data in the Cloud using any cloud software or cloud service provider

Storing on the cloud can be safer.

While this isn’t always true, accidents can happen within big cloud software companies, but storing on within a companies cloud software is safer. There are a variety of opinions on when you need backup data and why. Some theories go like this if you’re a college student who needs to store a small amount of data safe on a disk. But if you’re running a company and get a ton of work done from your computer cloud backup software is the best for you. When choosing between using a disk or the cloud keep in mind what you’re trying to back-up. Also, keep in mind that you will have to manually hide or place the disk in a safe location and if it comes up missing that’ll be the end of it. But if you’re a college student and want to sub to a smaller cloud service -through a small amount of research- the average cloud storing service cost about $9.99 a month. Like stated before, college is a big responsibility and backing up your work/data on a hard drive or disk and keeping up with it is a lot of work but it all depends on you.

Storing on Disk or tape is too old school

90% of everything is pretty much digital and the analog revolution is long behind us. Saying the disk or tape is too old is an understatement, in reality, disks are only used for video games and tapes are totally extinct. There aren’t many laptops that come with a disk tray anymore to give more space for ram and battery life. Also with the current trends of a thinner laptop, a disk reader would be impossible to have ,and tapes are not used at all. Only if you have older technology from 2010 backward disks might be your best bet, however, we strongly recommend avoiding using a disk and buy a newer laptop.

Storing on a disk is cheaper but you have less space.

Disks don’t cost much but it comes with less space. No disk has over 1 TB or space and they are known for losing memory if the disk becomes scratched or old. This makes a disk very easy to break and less reliable ,in comparison, to a cloud storage software. This is excluding the fact that you will need multiple disks at times because of the low amount of space. Obviously, the cloud software is the clear winner here.

Old School Vs The New School.

Deciding if you need cloud software or a compatible disk all depends on what you need, If you’re a college student and you know you won’t need to back up as many files choose a disk. But if you’re an entrepreneur choose cloud software. Nevertheless, choose the one that you feel will best benefit you and your business. It shouldn’t be too tough of a decision but always keep in mind your economical situation and your work environment.

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