Logitech G Hub software is used to control and customize the various settings and features of Logitech devices installed on a computer. Therefore, proper functioning of this software is important if users want to enjoy the complete features of their Logitech devices. However, sometimes the Logitech G Hub software doesn’t install on a computer and most users don’t know how to fix this problem. In this guide, you will learn how to fix when Logitech G Hub is not installing on your computer.

won't install logitech G hub

Why Logitech G Hub is Not Installing?

There are multiple reasons for improper functioning of Logitech G Hub software on your computer. A common reason can be inability of the Windows OS to determine whether this program needs to be started or not. This happens when Windows thinks that this program is already running, but you think Logitech G Hub installation has failed. In some cases, Windows Firewall blocks this software from running.

Sometimes Logitech G Hub doesn’t install properly and sometimes it fails to start when you run the program. Both these situations give similar result, but their cause may differ slightly. Doesn’t matter which situation you are encountering, but the solutions given below will surely help you in solving this problem. 

How to Fix When Logitech G Hub is Not Installing?

Go through the solutions we have discussed below and choose the one which suits your cause. If you don’t know what is causing this problem in your computer, then you can try these solutions one-by-one.

1. Install Microsoft Visual C++ Package

Microsoft Visual C++ is necessary modual to make start Logitech G hub software on a computer. So make sure it is installed on your computer. If it is already installed, then you should try to reinstall it again.

Before installing Logitech G hub software, you’ll have to download and then install Microsoft Visual C++.

Let’s see how to install, download and install Ms visual c++:


  1. Download Visual C++ for Windows 32bit from here:
    If you have a Windows 64bit version, then download Microsoft Visual C++ from here:
  2. Double-click on the downloaded Visual C++ setup file.
  3. Click on the Agree check-box and then click on install.
  4. Please wait while it is installed.
  5. Once installed, it will ask from your restart the computer. Then click on restart button.
  6. After restarting, download and then run Logitech G Hub from here: https://download01.logi.com/web/ftp/pub/techsupport/gaming/lghub_installer.exe. Hopefully this time it will start installing. Watch the following video to see how it is installed.

2. Restart Logitech G Hub

If you think your Logitech G Hub software is installed properly, but is not loading at start-up, then maybe Windows thinks that the program is already running. Solve this problem by following the steps given below.

  1. Right-click ‘Start’ button and choose ‘Task Manager’.task manager
  2. In the Processes tab, right-click the Logitech G Hub software under Background processes and select ‘End task’.
  3. Now try to run Logitech G Hub program manually. Most probably, this solution should work if the program was properly installed.  

3. Allow Logitech G Hub in Windows Firewall

Sometimes Windows Defender Firewall blocks Logitech G Hub from running on your computer. Therefore, you will have to manually allow this program in Windows Firewall. The steps for doing this are given below.

  1. In the search box type ‘Windows’, from search results select ‘Windows Defender Firewall’.windows firewall
  2. In the Windows Defender Firewall window, click on ‘Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall’ link. allow app
  3. Click on ‘Change settings’ button.
  4. In the list of programs find ‘LGHUB Agent’ and make sure its check box is checked. Then, click ‘OK’. If you are using any antivirus, then do the same steps in antivirus’ firewall.allow G Hub
  5. Doing this should solve your problem if you have installed the program correctly, but Windows Firewall is blocking it.

4. Run Logitech G Hub as Administrator

If you are unable to install Logitech G Hub software properly, then you should try installing it by giving it Administrator rights. You can do this by following the steps given below.

  1. Locate Logitech G Hub installer on your computer. Right-click on the installer and select “Run as administrator” to start the installation.administrator
  2. Click ‘INSTALL‘.g hub
  3. Wait until G Hub is downloaded.
  4. Click ‘INSTALL AND LAUNCH‘ and follow the prompts to complete installation.launch
  5. Once the installation is complete, check if the program is running properly or not. If this doesn’t work, then move to the next step.

5. Reinstall Logitech G Hub

If none of the above solutions work for you, then you will have to reinstall your Logitech G Hub software. To do this, follow the steps given below.

  1. In Control Panel, select ‘Uninstall a program’.panel
  2. In the programs list, right click Logitech G Hub and choose ‘Uninstall’.uninstall
  3. Follow further prompts to complete the uninstallation.
  4. Visit the Logitech G Hub Download Page. For best results, you should install Logitech G Hub directly from Logitech website.
  5. Click ‘DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS’ button.
    g hub
  6. The Logitech G Hub installer will be downloaded to your computer. Locate the uninstaller on your computer, right-click it and choose ‘Run as administrator‘.
  7. Click on ‘Install‘ button.
    g hub
  8. Wait for the download to finish.
  9. Click on ‘INSTALL AND LAUNCH‘ button to start the installation process and follow the prompts to complete the process.
  10. That’s it. The reinstallation of Logitech G Hub software is now complete. It should work now.

The solutions we have shared above should be able to fix the problem when Logitech G Hub is not installing on your computer. However, if your problem hasn’t been solved, then the problem may be with some hardware. It would be better if you get your computer checked for problematic equipment.

35 thoughts on “How to Fix When Logitech G Hub is Not Installing (Exact Solution)”

  1. I just tried to install GHUB for the first time on Windows 7 Pro and an error window with this message appears:
    Windows requires a digitally signed driver
    A recently installed program tried to install an unsigned driver. This version of Windows requires all drivers to have a valid digital signature. the driver is unavailable and the program that uses this driver might not work correctly. Uninstall the program or device that uses this driver and check the publisher’s support website to get a digitally signed driver.
    Driver: Logitech G Driver
    Service: LGHUB Core Temperature Service
    Publisher: Logitech
    Location: C:\Program Fil…\logi_core_temp.sys
    I still experience this problem even after uninstalling and reinstalling the GHUB software.

      1. This is not recommended because a hacker could have introduced a virus into this driver file. Having a digital signature helps to prevent this. So unless Logitech can at least provide a MD5 checksum value, for example, as confirmation, I would not trust installing this file onto my computer.

        1. As per my recommendation, Logitech is a branded company and we should trust it. If you don’t trust Logitech company, then you should not install its program on your computer.

  2. when Im clicking on install its still saying initializing long time and I did all what is there saying please help someone

    1. Have you tried all the mentioned steps? If you have already tried then I suggest that you create a new user profile account and then try to install it again. Also make sure your antivirus’ firewall is not stopping GHUB installer from reaching it to the website for installation. Try both of these steps and do let me know the result of that.

  3. Omg!!! Thank you soooo much!!! After spending 2.5 hours of trying to get the g hub software to open and install this finally worked for me. I just bought the Logitech G502 Hero Wireless and was so eager to use it until I couldn’t open the g hub installer. Thanks again!!! =)

      1. THIS SOLUTION WORKED FOR ME! Thank you so much! Actually amazing. I have been having this issue for a few days you’re amazing

      2. John Karl Torio

        THANK YOU! this solution worked. I installed the 64x bit and restarted my pc. I almost thought that my pc spec does not meet the requirement of this g hub software. thank you very much!

  4. i just bought a G502 and i can’t install the sofware. the installer.exe does nothing it start and stop 5 second later. i’m so disapointed

  5. I can download the installer. When I try to actually run the installer, lghub_installer.exe, nothing happens. Even when running it as admin. It just creates a file in my CrashDumps folder.

  6. I have a problem with lghub. Monday it started to bug so I just uninstalled it. I searched on Logitech website downloaded the installer programme. And I tried to launch it but when I do the sign above my mouse appear and the programme appear in the task manager but after 10second everything disappear without having done anything.

  7. The installation process is not even showing. I tried to run the installer even as administrator but nothing happened. no pop ups, nothing. I downloaded the latest version of G hub for windows 10. hope to get help for this issue.

    1. Same issue continuing for me . I have used this program all the time until today . I uninstalled and now it will not reinstall.

        1. So here is where I am with it . I can download the lghub_installer.exe When I try to launch, even with admin perms, it does nothing. However, if I go check my CrashDumps folder in my user>local, there will be the installer.exe there with random numbers at the end. I can’t find anything about it

        2. I’ll try again since they deleted my other post . When I try to launch the installer, lghub_installer.exe, nothing happens except the installer is sent to my CrashDumps folder . No idea why this is happening.

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