How to fix No Disk Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf7c 4 75b6bf7c 75b6bf7c ?

Solved Answers:-

If you getting this error message appears some time, that means some registry entries gone changed automatically might have some virus or malware infection it does change them registries, now we need to change some registry setting back to the same stage, that should be.
Here are the few steps to resolve this problem, please follow these steps.



Quick Resolution

find that registry keys ErrorMode
and change the value data 2 and click on ok.
Default value of the Errormode
keys should be 0X00000000(2)

 I will explain you how to do that.

 1. Click on Start >> and then click on Run.
2. You will get a box where you have to type regedit.
3. The registry editor will be open front of you, then you have to find the registry key and have to click on PLUS sign of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.


4. Click on PLUS sign of  SYSTEM
5. Then click on PLUS sign of  CurrentControlSet.
6. Then click on PLUS sign of Control.
7. Then click on Windows.

8. When you click on Windows you will the ErrorMode of the right side pane.
9. Double click on ErrorMode and change the value data 2 and click on ok. 0X00000000(2)

default value of Errormode should be 0X00000000(2)

10. Finally restart your computer and Problem will be resolved

98 thoughts on “How to fix No Disk Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf7c 4 75b6bf7c 75b6bf7c”

  1. Thanks! I have had this error for years on my Win XP system. I followed your steps and changed the value data to (2); however my ErrorMode string looks like this:0X00000002 (2). Also, after I rebooted my ErrorMode reverted back to:
    0X00000000 (0) so that I had to manually change the value data to (2) again. As long as I do not reboot I have no problems. Any ideas as to why the changed value data (2) reverts back to (0) after reboot? Thanks!

  2. my regedit has been disabled by administration.
    same msg for task manager. i m using win XP. i dont hav its installation cd and vista or other OS are not compatible for my old laptop. pls help.

    1. So please contact your administrator to open that regedit so that you can use that step to solve that issue.

  3. douglas mistelske

    thank you so much! my brother once got this window to go away 8 months ago. I have no clue how it came back. He is a systems engeneer, but cannot be here! I appreciate your honesty without trying to sell me something that I am not even sure it will solve my issue. WE STRONGLY NEED MORE honest people like you who are straightup honest and supportive! I love to barter and if I can ever help you with automotive knowledge, I am a 25 year master automotive tech., electrical engineer w/ ford and mopar! Feel free to e-mail me with any ?’s! I also build drag race cars and have had my 1969 Plymouth for 35 years! Thanks again!

  4. youuuuuuhooooooooo!
    thank you very much, that worked
    i tried all these stuffs about changing your disk name….
    but this solved the error even without restarting
    thank you very much

    1. I have followed your instructions down toNo.9 but no matter how I try, I cannot change the value. After the ‘x’ you want eight zerosfollowed by a bracketed number 2.
      My readout shows only seven zeros after the ‘x’ and a 2 before the bracketed 2. I double clicked on the ErrorMode to make changes but the ‘x’ will not print. So how do I proceed?

      1. Simply you need to double click on the “ErrorMode” value and then delete everything which is written inside the “Value Data” and type there “2” then click on OK. That’s it.
        Please revert back after try.

    1. You need to do all that step on Administrator account. (start your computer in which account which have administrator rights). Let me know if doesn’t work.

  5. Does not work for me.
    I changed the value of the “ErrorMode” to 2,the value has been changed to 0X00000002 .Before changing the value it was 0×00000000(0)

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