Today we will talk about the CPU architecture of Windows 10, 8, 7 — What kind of operating system you are having on your computer:  do I have 64 or 32 bit Windows?

Let’s learn more about system architecture. A CPU (Processor) comes in two system architectures: 32 bit and 64bit. As same as CPU,  Windows operating system also comes in two variants 32bit and 64bit. Here we have explained the difference in them here.

Without wasting time lets recognize how to check do I have 32bit or 64bit computer or laptop. Please follow the following how-to guide.

How to check whether you have 32bit or 64bit Windows

Let’s look at some methods below that help you to check is my computer 64bit or 32bit.

Method 1

The first step is to press the Win+X combination, then select System from the menu.

A menu with the specifications of the device will immediately be displayed. Well, scroll down until you get the information about the System type. In that field, you can see the type of operating system, as well as the architecture of the processor.

Method 2

Another way to find out is to enter the properties of This PC. With this in mind, please press the Win+E combination to enter the file manager. Once there, locate This PC and right-click on it to enter the Properties.

The following window will show basic information about the computer. Among them the type of system and architecture of the computer.

Method 3

Another method I propose is to enter the Windows settings. With this in mind, press the Win+I combination, and once there enter the System.

Then scroll down to about. Then, in the menu on the right, you will see the information in the System type field.

Method 4

Finally, we will see how to know what kind of system it is, through the Control Panel. With this in mind, type Control Panel in the search bar. Once inside it, please select System and Security.

Then click on System.

And ultimately you can notice the information regarding the type of system.

Method 5

Well, we have seen graphic ways to know what the system type is in Windows 10. However, there is also a way to determine it through the Command Prompt. With this intention, please press the Win+R combination and run the CMD command:

The CMD will then be deployed. Please execute the following command:

set pro

What is the difference between 32bit and 64bit Windows?

If your CPU supports both (32bit, 64bit) system architecture, then we can install weather 32bit or 64bit variant (any of them) operating system on that computer. But If a CPU has only 32-bit system architecture, then we cannot install 64-bit Windows on that CPU, only 32-bit Windows can be installed. On the other hand, if you want to install a 32bit operating system on a 64-bit supported CPU, then it is possible, but we suggest you use 64bit OS instead of 32bit in this situation to get the full performance of the Processor or RAM.

As we all know, a 64bit operating system is faster than 32bit because it uses multi-core technology to transfer data.  Even a 32-bit operating system doesn’t support more than 4 GB RAM. That’s why some people want to reinstall their operating systems to switch it from 32bit to 64bit.

Which one is better: In the first place, the x64 architecture is superior to the x86. Indeed, a 64-bit processor performs faster calculations and handles more data at the same time than a 32-bit processor. At the same time, a 64-bit processor can store more memory locations, allowing you to use more RAM simultaneously. As a result, your computer’s overall performance increases.

Software Compatibility

Both system architecture uses different software. This means we cannot install 32-bit software on 64Bit Windows, and 64bit software on a 32bit operating system. We have to use the same system architecture for that.

Additional Information:

Well, today there is no doubt that 64-bit architecture is the way to go. And this implies both hardware and software. In fact, the vast majority of processors in the last 10 years comes with 64-bit technology. Indeed, it is possible to say that Windows versions for this architecture, as well as programs and processors, have become the norm. However, there are still users and developers using this architecture. For that reason, some programs are presented in 32 and 64 bits presentation. In that case, the user is in doubt as to which type of Windows is running on his PC.

A number of parameters will be displayed immediately. The first two lines is the information about the system and the architecture of the processor. Well, we have seen different methods to determine if Windows is d 32bits or 64bits. I hope you will find these methods useful.

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