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GData 2017 Download & Coupon Codes

G Data is a renowned German software company that has already designed a myriad of computer security solutions. Their latest and most advanced security software is “GData Total Security 2017”. This powerful software offers a complete security solution. It includes a firewall module, an antivirus module, and a wide range of important security features. This cutting-edge software provides the maximum security against Trojans, spam, spyware, and other malware.

Download GData 2017

Gdata Total Security 2017 Download & coupon codes

Download GData 2017

GData have basic antivirus, internet security and total security in its security products. Its total security is the best and feature rich products. See the below what new and major features it has. You can download one of these products as a trial from the below link.

Download GData

What’s New in GData 2017?

This outstanding security software is loaded with a plenty of modern security features. In its recent release, few significant security solutions have been introduced into this package, such as Anti-Ransomware and Password Manager. For more details on the most advanced features of GData Total Security 2017, keep reading the following sections.

Top 8 Important Security Features of GData Total Security

1. Powerful Protection Against Ransomware

In the recent months, unscrupulous cyber extortionists have already made headlines by introducing a new and nasty malware – “ransomware”. This malicious software immediately blocks access to your critical data and personal information (when it infects your PC/laptop/desktop). The malware encrypts the critical data on your personal computer and threatens to unencrypt it only when you pay a hefty ransom. However, there is absolutely no guarantee that whether you will gain back your original access to your data/other information even after paying a ransom. To strongly protect you against such malicious software, GData Total Security 2017 offers an “Anti-ransomware” feature. If you have installed this robust security solution on your computer, you will enjoy a complete ransomware protection which stops extortion of Trojans into your system. Note, this is a new feature that has been recently introduced as a part of GData Total Security 2017 Package.

2. Password Manager

Another spectacular feature that has been recently included in GData Total Security is “Password Manager”. To use this next-generation security feature, you will need to install a plug-in on your browser (the plug-in will be available as a part of GData Total Security Package). Once installed, it will memorize your current passwords for online shops, email accounts, and various forums. Therefore, you’re not supposed to memorize the complex passwords anymore as the “Password Manager” feature will automatically fill in the required details (including passwords and other essential data) within a snap and save your valuable time.

3. Automatic Backup

Your computer/laptop is probably a treasure quest that contains timeless memories in the form of holiday videos, photos, and many more digital souvenirs. And, you will always want them to be completely safe and secure. Thus, it boasts of protecting you against data loss – efficiently and effectively. It will store and safeguard all of your important data through a password protection – either locally on your PC or it can be even uploaded to a secure Cloud, for example, Dropbox or Google Drive.

4. Data Encryption

GData allows you to protect confidential data, personal information, and files with your preferred passwords. Plus, those files can be accessed by only those people that you genuinely trust. This feature also allows you to encrypt any external storage media, for example, USB sticks and Pendrives.

5. Browser Cleaner

You are no longer required to download or install any third party software to clean up your web browsers. The ultimate security solution, GData Total Security will help you remove unwanted toolbars, add-ons, and plug-ins from any web browser including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome etc.

6. Performance Tuner

This next-generation security application will delete outdated cache entries & other ballast. Thus, you can now improve the overall speed and performance of your computer just within a few clicks.

7. G DATA BankGuard

This is an excellent security feature that guarantees your banking transactions & online shopping are absolutely safe. The patented BankGuard technology of G DATA ensures that your web browsers display only genuine content.

8. Access Control

This feature will put a permanent stop from malware or virus getting inserted into your computer through external storage media. Using the Access Control feature, you can specify the set of users who are allowed to use the USB sticks, hard drives, burners, and other external devices on your PC.

To sum up, GData Total Security is one of the most efficient security tools that come with an extensive feature list. With the inclusion of the following features i.e. Anti-Ransomware, Password Manager, and Automatic Backups, GData Total Security features to be a prevalent, reliable, and premium security software.

GData Coupon Codes

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