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Bitdefender BOX – Smart Home Security Solution

Bitdefender BOX – Smart Home Security Solution is a security box that is linked to an existing home network to make smart devices safe and secure to use. It protects all network linked devices at home through setting up this conventional box.

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Bitdefender Box

All computing devices connected in the home network through various methods such as Wi-Fi, Local Area Network are protected from malware attack, scams, phishing, advanced threat detection and outstanding vulnerability checks. Most hardware computing appliances are vulnerable to malware and virus attacks and therefore Bitdefender BOX counters this issue through repeated passive and active vulnerability checks.

How it works

It probes the network traffic in your home network and secures your network devices. It protects PC’s, android, Mac and generally all the connected computing hardware. All these devices are exposed to susceptibilities and that’s where Bitdefender BOX provides a solution that controls all those weaknesses in the home network.

Bitdefender BOX gathers and lists all the devices on the home network. Devices connected are all exposed to threats in the internet of things. Bitdefender BOX collects all the activities and tasks handled by each of the devices in the home network and displays it either on a PC, iPhone and any other device that can display the network devices. Bitdefender BOX also screens the different sites accessed by different hardware appliances on the network and provides security against malware and any other possible attack.

Bitdefender BOX – Smart Home Security Solution also utilizes the principal of zero visibility to devices on the network. Visibility is classified from between zero to one hundred. This helps in keeping devices hidden from vulnerabilities in the internet of things. This factor also assists in watching appliances that are more visible depending on the visibility need levels. Additionally Bitdefender BOX is also key in setting the network speeds.

Benefits of Bitdefender BOX

1. Ransomware and threat protection. Bitdefender BOX protects all the devices connected to an existing network including all the data and applications in them.The internet of things appliances that hold significant data are targeted by malware and ransomware equally

2. Protection of a smart home through protecting all the network devices at home network. For example iPhones, smart phones, laptops, PCs and smart televisions that connect to the internet.

3. Bitdefender BOX is small in size and weight thus it doesn’t strain hardware appliances on the existing home network.

4. It is a network controlling device that protects devices even those that are never considered for protection such as smart TVs that access the internet at home are always overlooked.

5. Bitdefender BOX is key in controlling internet speeds. Thereby, improving the overall network traffic and speeds.

6. It is easy to set up Bitdefender BOX on a network. It comes with a BOX device and the application controller. They are all simplified in terms of ease of installation into an existing network.

7. With Bitdefender BOX you can easily track the visibility levels of the devices in a network thus helping identify vulnerabilities and adjusting visibility levels. This aspect helps in minimizing the device exposure to external threats.

8. It is cost effective bearing in mind that prices are dependent on the number of network devices there are on an existing network.

9. Bitdefender BOX performs continuous checks and scans of possible vulnerabilities and fixes them. There are two types of these checks. They include; Active and Passive checks.

The Smart Home Security Solution-Bitdefender BOX – is an exceptional solution that aids in monitoring the devices in a home network and view their visibility levels as well as view the security offered to each if these devices.

Where to purchase Bitdefender BOX

To purchase Bitdefender BOX you need to log on to the Bitdefender BOX website and purchase online. Pricing is dependent on the number of the existing network devices. It is also available on Amazon as well. Smart Home Security Solution is an exciting and practical smart home security to network and internet. It is simply all that a smart home would look for. A smart solution for a smart home is all you need to secure your data on a network. Bitdefender Box is a very current and technological apt solution that fits in any type of a network.

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