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Giveaway1:- Email our tool’s first scan logs at info@techsupportall.com and get $5 Gift into your PayPal account. Please mention your paypal email address as well.
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*** Comments Started on 11/30/2016  ***


  1. awesome tool very much valuable, are there any permanent blocker of such links,i need to scan again and again.
    but yup thankyou!!!

    • Hi,Thank you for using our tool.
      Our tool is a removal tool o it couldn’t be prevent this type of infection but you are getting this infection again and again that mean something is remained on your computer.
      Please let us know the adware name and please provide our tool’s scan logs which is located in following locations at info@techsupportall.com.
      We recommend you to scan your computer with a good anti-malwares like: Malwarebytes, Zemana and then clean your junk files using TFC cleaner. All these tools you can download from our tools page: https://www.techsupportall.com/tools

  2. Won’t keep PCSetup at bay. It always returns.

  3. good service overall but it cost too much

  4. so far so good it was quick lets see

  5. Very pleased with this service, it compensates admirably for my incompetence.

  6. To early for me to say??

  7. very good app

  8. fast & accurate, great

  9. It goes very well i like it

  10. Great tool, need to wait a bit. If it works then awsome

  11. great tool!

  12. Essential Tool. Absolute Must. Thankyou.

  13. Great job

  14. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Great program which saved my a**!

  15. This product found 15 adwares. I have avast free, Malwarebytes free, Superantispyware free on my Windows 10. Keep up the good work !! Consider making a program towards protecting people from adware trackers in cookies. They care about one thing only. Money in pockets. Thank you very much.

  16. its a great tool. Thanks

  17. Awesome tool does great job

  18. best soft for mailware

  19. Good tool, it works.

  20. good. very useful. thanks

  21. Obviously when there are PC issues and virus warnings, we all get in panic mode. With the help of these technicians, they fix our problems and give us a HUGE relief that our PC’s will now work properly. Thanks you all and especially the tech man who helped me.

  22. I want to know if you are done

  23. One of the adware removal tool!

  24. great tool! it helps a lot thx

  25. This a reliable software..

  26. Great tool. I almost have my computer back.

  27. Very quick & thorough.

  28. GREAT TOOL!!! 😉

  29. Great tool! Thanks. Will send donation.

  30. Tim was great!

  31. so far so good thx for the help!

  32. worked like a charm thank you very much

  33. fantastic tool

  34. Did a great job

  35. Great Tool

  36. Fantastic cleaning tool!

  37. Thank You, very quick and efficient job. I’ll be back.

  38. Have used this program in the past and found it to be very good. I hope to use it often to keep my system clean.

  39. great tool very helpful

  40. Works great thanks

  41. Just installed your program, computer seems to run faster? Too soon to tell if improvements hold on all occasions.

  42. I think this is great!

  43. great cleaning tool

  44. My tech was a great guy who took me through all the steps to get the Premium Support pkg. and clean up my Trojan virus. I am 76 and know very little about computers and was worried I could not follow his instructions, but he did it all for me.

  45. Your email address was returned by Mailier-Demon info@supportall.com , downloaded and scanned my laptop with your program and was trying to send both the Logs requested .

  46. The only Free tool I found that managed to detect and remove “RocketTab”!!
    Huge thanks

  47. Thank you. Doing nice job.

  48. i hope this works , is anyone else being blasted with adware viruses when its time to renew subscription with mcaffee security. this seems to me to be a corrupt company. this is the third time within 18 months. thank you very much tsa.

  49. Thanks for the quick job.

  50. Version 5.1 is a great version (for windows ten I think) and i use it on my laptop where it works fine. However when I updated my desktop with it it did not seem to be actually working (my desktop is still running XP Pro)
    Just as well I did not delete version 4.1 which still updates and finds any adware : )

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