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*** Comments Started on 11/30/2016  ***


  1. very useful

  2. Awesome yaar

  3. Love this tool!! Thank you!

  4. Great tool, thanks

  5. it did not get rid of http://www.safesear.ch/?type=set ^(http://www.safesear.ch/?type=set) from my IE browser

    • Hi,
      Thank you for contacting us,
      Sure, we’ll help you to remove this Safesear.ch adware from your computer. Could you please provide our tool’s scan logs at info@techsupportall.com which is located under following locations. And after that we can give solution of this problem:

      “C:\Program Files\Adware Removal Tool by TSA\Reports\”
      “C:\Program Files (x86)\Adware Removal Tool by TSA\Reports\”


  6. Thank you Guys!! Great adware removal tool.

  7. Very helpfull tool

  8. great tool excellent. Thanks alot.

  9. Great as always!

  10. Only found 2 items but appeared to
    check the whole PC. Thanks.

  11. Saved me again

  12. Jesper Kobberrød


  13. Great tool, worked excellent.
    It’s not often and most of the time it sounds too good to be true but I would like to help your team.
    Please contact me so I may give you details on how I would like to help.

  14. thank you, its very good malware removal tool

  15. Very nice tool, Thanks
    Thanks for save me and my laptop

  16. Excellent adware tool.

  17. Thank you for cleaning up PUP.shopper..Great Tool!!

  18. WONDERFUL TOOL. I will make a donation when my next retirement check comes in. Well worth a donation.

  19. thumbs up..great tool..

  20. Awesome !! Thank you

  21. This tool did what malawerbites and avast couldn’t. It is very useful. Thanks!!!!

  22. Amazing tool, good work guys, i have ADSL interneti connection at 10mbps before running your tool i could get onlz about 3mbps on my laptop while on my mobile phone with connectd via wifi i got 10mbps.
    after using your toold i get 10mbps on my laptop as well.
    good job.
    i live in Serbia and i dont use paypal here. i would love to give u a donation but just tell me how.
    my email adress is
    thanks again.

  23. Easy to install and use. Cleaned the disturbing photos in no time. Great tool!

  24. Works beautifully! My only request would be to allow me to resize the screen so I don’t have to scroll so much to see everything.

  25. Thanks, it awsome

  26. Good

  27. Excellent!! Thanks.

  28. That did the job. Thank you so much.

  29. Thank you for this valuable tool.

  30. thank you so much, not only it worked like a charm but what I like most is the quality of your explanations which are crystal clear. Congratulations for the guy who wrote the tutorial.He should consider teaching career lol.

  31. Thank you!

  32. thanks. this app remove.:)

  33. The only one who found all segments of Trotux crap!

  34. thanks foe an easy program to run and fix the issue

  35. thanks so much!

  36. Thank you great tool!!

  37. Great….all that sh*t is gone…!!THNXXXX

  38. Thanks for your good service.

  39. Thank you! very reliable and easy to use

  40. great tool and stable removal

  41. I’ll comment as soon as I log in again. I’m hoping the Windows Error Message 3031 disappears.

  42. Did a good job

  43. This was very helpful

  44. I appreciate how the adware takes care of the viruses very much. Thank you

  45. great tool. thanjs alot!

  46. Does this work on windows xp

  47. Nice tool,i recommend it

  48. Great tool

  49. winsnare is not removed by this software,…

  50. Sérgio Nobusada

    Excellent program, amazing

  51. great job awesome software for malware and unneccesarry addons

  52. great tool . your work is really awesome.
    thank you

  53. wow this is amazing ,

  54. Thank You..Great Tool!!

  55. GREAT JOB ! Thank you so much !

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