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Must leave your feedback if the tool didn’t work. If our tool worked, so please consider to make a small donation for help us to continue our fight against adwares. Click here for make a donation.


*** Comments Started on 11/30/2016  ***


  1. this has always woked to clean my pc much apprediated will donate

  2. wait to see what happens

  3. thank you excellent

  4. great product .. thnx

  5. will donate when i get paid .thanks.

  6. Easy to use on a PC. Works great. I really have the problem on my Galaxy S8+ with a noisy, frequent popup that won’t even let me access the program!

  7. Did an excellent. Thank you!

  8. Would be happy to donate, BUT, I have the apusx adware pita and this did not find it.

  9. could not ask for better

  10. Thank you for cleaning the adware on my computer! I tried, twice, to make a small donation and even though I see a VISA emblem listed on you page, I get a notice that VISA is not accepted by you. Sorry, that’s the only card I have. Thanks again.

  11. wow so easy to use and perfect results.

  12. excellent help and very happy

  13. Fantastic software. Always enjoy tremendously using it. Keep up the fantastic job.

  14. I am yet to know if everything is ok

  15. Refreshingly honest; did what it said it would do with no side effects. A treat to find such a reliable tech support!

  16. Great and easy to use software. Good job guys.

  17. Taki Halkiopoulos

    best tool ever

  18. Why did this remove all the extensions i had in chrome ?

  19. you fixed my adware problem last week, but didn’t find it this week when it came back. Why is this?

  20. well once again I ran your removal tool while the “internet security alert” was running and it DID NOT remover the alert…now what do I do???

  21. The program found 15 objects Everything deleted and reset. We’ll see what happens next. Hopefully it deleted the “access-quick.com” that is driving my wife crazy. Donation to follow if all works fine

  22. i have some kind of malware on my computer.. but this did not find it..

  23. Stephen Nabarowsky

    Nice software – simple and easy

  24. I kept getting this adware that locks my computer up and you are suppose to call a 800 number. Well I called to just bitch about their pain in the ass program, They remotely contacted and I watched while they started to remove my adware and security. I unpluged my cord and a few minutes later my phone rang. It was them,,,I hung up. Then everytime I turned my computer on it wanted to connect back to them. Then the guy said in broken english, ‘ WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR MY SERVICE “? lolLOL. I eagerly await my bill

  25. didnt help me with
    chromesearch.club i cant get rid of this

  26. Thank you for helping me with this. It is much appreciated.

  27. I don’t know what to comment as I do not know what I am commenting to. I am quite, computer illiterate.

  28. I can’t send a donation in dollars I need it in stirling or paypal.


  30. We’ll see – found a lot of stuff. Will hope for the best. Does not appear to be another Virus. Actually looks like its a fine piece of software. Will send money if my machine starts working better again and I no longer see the MaxDriverUpdater name ever again!

  31. will see. hope it works.

  32. Did an excellent job. Thanks

  33. Thank you for the excellent support.

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