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All our tools and assistance are completely free of charge. As a nonprofit organization, we rely on donations to provide these kinds of tools and tech assistance. 100% of your donation will be spent to maintain the website and tools. A small amount will help us a lot.

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115 thoughts on “Make a Donation”

  1. Godwin Onaghinor

    For what you do, first time using your Tool, I told myself I must donate. Great job. Love it.


    For some strange reason HP discontinued their OfficeJet Pro 6968 Printer driver. When I send wireless inx to the 6968 it tells there is no driver and I can’t get one from HP. This has been going on for over a year and is exasperating. I stumbled on this webpage with very low expectations and after downloading the driver, at first I couldn’t find it, but when I hit the “more” icon, there it was and it worked. My gratitude for you people for having the driver. My check will be in the mail shortly. Thanks again.
    Jim Golibersuch

    1. I am glad that my website helped you like this. Thank you so much for your donation!! I really appreciate that. Have a great day!!

  3. elaine hubbard

    I am retired, old and have limited income. I have spent my budget getting your help today. Thank you.

  4. Once again Pawan & guys, a lovely, simple little tool that simply does what it says on the tin.
    Enjoy your coffees & please keep up the good work….


    TJ the DJ, Fleetwood, UK

  5. I have used this tool successfully several times and figured it’s past time to pay for this fabulous service.

    1. Benjamin H Cody

      I have tried to donate but it will not accept my credit cards, I have no debit card or paypal fix it so your system will accept credit cards

  6. I am old school, as I cannot work, as I am disabled and not able to work ! However I do appreciate your help and will try to send you some money next time i ask for your help.
    Thanks a lot for your help!
    God Bless; Phil Hower in Amarillo, Texas

    1. Hi, I am glad to know that it worked. Thank you so much for your appropriation!! Donation is not mandatory, so you can support us by spreading our website (www.adwareremovaltool.org) in your social circle or by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

    2. Same here Phil. I’m a Brit who has asbergers and spasticity in my legs. These are GOOD PEOPLE in Mumbai eh? Keep smiling old friend & greetings to all our friends across the pond, as they say…

  7. Phillip Hower

    Sorry I have not been able to give some for your service, our utilities have climbed in cost to the limit !!
    That is why i have not donated to you, it is tough when you only live on SSID!
    Especially how Biden has allowed the high cost of everything , including Gasoline for our Auto’s
    But you are worth the donation!
    I will help as soon as I can, your service is needed , especially with this old computer (COMPAQ) Presario CQ57 Windows 7

  8. I don’t get this “I can’t get to work” BS. I’m an induvial and I gave $5 X 5 it was easy, and was it worth it! For those who graduated HS after 1969, that is a positive, not a question.

    1. Thanks for considering the donation. It seems like there is a problem from our side but could you please explain what exactly happened? Please elaborate.

  9. I tried twice to give you a $5 donation and was kicked out twice. If you email me later and say it still didn’t process I’ll renew my donation Thanks

  10. Dimitris kappa

    hey i would really love to give you some donation , i cant do much but 5 dollars i can do ! your software is very nice and HELPFUL! plz contact me with some safe link so i can do it

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