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  1. Richard says

    I just used your program to remove v9

  2. rv says

    just used your online support to get rid of the pain in the butt, and it seems to have worked, thanks.

  3. linda says

    I just used this to remove “groovorio” and it did not remove it

    1. Techexpert says

      Hi Linda, We recommend you to please try it twice. Let us know if doesn’t work this time.

  4. ari says

    thank you very much.thank you very much.thank you very much.

  5. John Peterson says

    I find your program to be an excellent and easy to run program. I will make a donation out of my next SSD check. It is quite thorough and finds errors that my other programs don’t.

  6. rita Yussoupova says

    could not make a donation via paypal
    did not want to use CC

    1. Techexpert says

      No problem, Its enough for us that you are happy with us.

  7. joan Dunstan says

    thank you for such a great program, It won’t get rid of u torrent for me though…

    1. Techexpert says

      You can simply uninstall utorrent from control panel if id doesn’t remove usually then use REVO uninstaller tool to remove it forcefully. You can down REVO from our tools page.

  8. Darren B says

    Hi Guys absolutely marvellous

    THat Yontoo crap was drivivng me crazy

    thanks heaps!!!

    1. Darren B says

      Guys I even gave you a small donation

      you deserve it

      1. Techexpert says

        Thanks a lot Darren. Every small contribution help us a lot to keep continuing us. Thank you!

  9. Ed8r says

    I cannot thank you enough. You really went above and beyond for me. I wish my donation could be more, but I hope it is helpful.

  10. charles cap says

    will shutdown and reboot and see if any changes are visible

  11. Rob Young says

    Many thanks your program works great.

  12. gykiere roger says

    please tell how to make donation with mij Belgian debit card

    gykiere roger

    1. Techexpert says

      Sorry for the inconvenience but Belgian’s mestro debit card doesn’t supported by papal these days. We only have paypal to get donations. Anyway, you appreciation is enough to inspire us to do more better for you.

  13. J. Koscheski says

    I want to make a donation, but don’t have a Pay Pal account and do not want to open one. How else can I make a donation?

    1. Techexpert says

      Thank you for considering donation. Don’t need to use paypal, just use your visa or mastercard to donate us.
      TSA Team

  14. ALBIN P MURALI says

    Super Software

  15. Jim Peel says

    If you post an address I will send you a ten dollar bill. I don’t want to use a CC and I hate PayPal.

    1. Techexpert says

      Thank you for using our tool and consider donation.

      No problem, your appreciation is enough to inspire us to do something more better for you guys.
      Keep using our tool and give your valuable suggestion on our tool if you have any to improve our tool’s quality.
      TSA Team

      1. Jeannette says

        I to want to try your company but dont put important info on the net and dont use PayPal.I can send you a check if you e-mail me your address.

        1. Techexpert says

          Sorry to say but we do accept payments through paypal only. Anyway, if you don’t want to put your info on web, so don’t do that, your appreciation is enough to inspire us to do more better you visitors.

  16. Stoine Zlatkov says

    Thanks for good tool!
    Best regards!

    1. Moi Proiect says

      Very good softvware, I’make a donation

      1. Techexpert says

        You’re welcome!!

  17. Manju says

    Guys the donat button doesnt work!! And by the Way Great Job for this awesome tool

    1. Techexpert says

      You’re welcome! Donate button is working fine now!

  18. Tom Muucklow says

    Hi and thanks .I hope you got me donation?? From Tec Center. Thank you

    1. Techexpert says

      Thank you for using our tool and for your donation.

  19. Mario Chabot says


    Thanks, your tool saved me hours of wasted time tracking a niddle in a stak of hay…

  20. nick says

    thank you so much guys from now on i will allways use your tool when needed, i’ll try to donate whenever i have the posibility to do it, kudos for this great tool

  21. Paolo says

    Great software, very useful and quick. I fixed the PC to a dear friend who had big problems with various inferstati browser that created thousands of redirects to unwanted pages. I highly recommend it and next time I’ll use assure you that I will make a donation. The PC in question was not mine and I had difficulty making a donation. Compliments

  22. Talha says

    I used your Adwcleaner, it did the job of cleaning the adwares. Thank you so much for the cleaner. I really appreciate your help.

    Thank you so much.

  23. Nalin Kannangara says

    thanks and really appreciate that you are focusing providing a good service for the people who really need the help rather than focusing earning money (just like some other website).so, i think anybody would feel to make a donation as you deserve it. i am from Sri Lanka. thanks guys for your support again.

  24. rick says

    this isnt working for me, i keep scanning and cleaning but the same problem keeps showing up.

    1. Techexpert says

      Please let us know the name of Adware and send our tool’s scan logs at then we can help you further. Thanks

  25. boobalan says

    hi i am boobalan thanks to adware removal tool iam donate

  26. anonymous says

    absolutelly work..thank and awesome..
    i wanna donate but i cant cause i dont have paypal..just send me i can tell u later..

  27. RAPHAEL A SILVA says

    Awesome tool. Will donate when I get some money.

  28. marzy says

    Thank you so much. It really help a lot.
    I’ll refer this to my friends and make a donation…

  29. Elie says


  30. rafael a says

    i love you guys how do i get pay pal so i can donate

    1. Techexpert says

      Thank you for using our tool.
      You can donate through C-card as well. It is not mandatory to make an account on paypal.

  31. Tom says

    excellent tool ….will donate after some more clean outs

  32. Mabbola M. C. says

    The tool is powerful. Will donate in due course.

  33. Tom Nordlund says

    Absolutely the best. Had a nasty adware that froze my browser and your program took it right out. Everything now back to normal. BTW my anti virus did not detect it but your software sure did. I donated and I will donate again next month. Thanks!!

    1. Techexpert says

      You’re welcome!!

  34. syafiq says

    thank you for the app. really work.

  35. syafiq says

    thank you so much from malaysia. i want to donate but i dont have paypal and i dont know how to use it. your team really great like your name (Techexpert)

    1. Techexpert says

      Your wording is enough to inspisre us. Gadly appreciated your wording.
      Have a great day!

  36. Malvin Billings says

    Guys, this is a great tool. It cleaned my computer of adware and now my coputer is as fast as ever. Thanks so much. Will donate on my next pension payment.

  37. Grady Jones says

    Great software. Have already donated, will be donating more.

  38. Trystram Alley says

    Great little tool – well done! Will donate as soon as I get a job!

  39. Ali Akbar Wijaksono says

    what a great tools !, sorry me can’t donate, me under 18 and i dont have paypal and credit card, sorry 🙁

  40. John Hamilton says

    it is the second time that that you help me remove a PUP, thank You. This time I sent you a donation of $27.45. Great tool. keep up the good work.
    Tanks again. John.

    1. Techexpert says

      You’re most welcome!

  41. MARWAN says

    That is rely solved my problem, I donate for all that good and serious work you offered to people for free, thank you and I hope for you the best success.

    1. Techexpert says

      You’re welcome!!

  42. stanley afon says

    the best so far. I have been using this soft since, I wish to make some donation but doe not have paypal acc.
    How do I get a papal account?
    I leave in Ghana

    1. Techexpert says

      Thank you so much using our tool or considering donation. Your appreciation is enough to inspire us. Making paypal account is very easy, go to paypal website and make the account.

  43. Shan Toi says

    im giving you guys a donation each time you help me. i just did….

  44. Warren Olsen says

    I’ve just made another donation as this program seems to help removing nasties.

  45. Luis Sotomayor says

    I live in Mexico City.
    I would like to donate but i dont have credit cards…
    How could i send you my donation?

    1. Techexpert says

      Sorry to say that we accept donations only from Paypal and paypal uses Credit Card.
      Your appreciation is enough for us to inspire.

      TSA Team

      1. M. Kile says

        I have Paypal and I can have it set for credit card OR bank.

  46. scott clydesdale says

    Thanks for making available a great tool. I cannot make a donation because I am from Canada but your page only provides states to choose from, so I can’t proceed ?

  47. Janis Hewes says

    TYVM I am old and poor and appreciate your support..Bless you and good :Luck in your Business

  48. Engineer Shahbaz Mughal says

    Aslamo aleukm

    i m muslim and lived in pakistan there is no account in paypal in pakistan.. i wana send u donation but due to paypal i cannot send so tell me how can i send u donation menually ????


  49. Slobodan says

    Thanks for this software.
    I do not have chance to Donate because in my country (Serbia) no way to pay with Paypal

    1. Shule88 says

      @Slobodan You can donate cause paypal work in serbia over a year…

  50. wayne says

    no thank you

  51. bobby says

    Very useful tool. I have donated a few times already.
    I will donate again via Paypal next month.

  52. Nevil says

    Brilliant job thanks. $10 donated

  53. Richard says

    sen@seems to be very effective tool. That many good comments would attest to
    still can’/

    it is still good work

  54. saravanan says

    Awesome !!! Thanks a lot ! your tool fixed my adware issue. When I try to donate via pay pal am getting some issue. any other way to donate

  55. bob mimis says

    what a great program, it does things that other programs dont do .i hope my small donation helps in some way.

  56. saeed says

    Many Thanks To the Team Of TSA / it realy works well every time I am using it.. and the tool is deserving support …

  57. Patrick Lyons says

    I just donated to you – why ask me again?????

  58. Trung Truc Tran says

    Thanks ! Let me see if it work well then I will donate some to you. But I do not want using my card number ( Credit or Master). Can I send you a check ? Writing the check is better than giving the credit card number online.

    1. Techexpert says

      Hi, Thank you for using our tool.
      No, we only use paypal to get donation. Anyway, your appreciation is enough for us to inspire to do more better.

  59. amato says

    Hello…had to use your service today..your report said it was ok now…thank you….amato

  60. Richard Johnstone says

    Worked great!!Thank you again.

  61. MANISH says


  62. Mahdi Assoudi says

    amazing work i swear if i only could give you any donation guys 🙁

  63. Dimitris kappa says

    hey i would really love to give you some donation , i cant do much but 5 dollars i can do ! your software is very nice and HELPFUL! plz contact me with some safe link so i can do it

  64. nancy L walker says

    Want to give donation but have to wait till payday on Monday.

  65. Harry Hendriks says

    Very grateful for your help.

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