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  • What is Premier Opinion?

    What is a premier opinion. It get installed automatically in my windows 10. Is it a virus? How could I remove it completely from my computer?

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    Premier opinion is a potential unwanted software program in your windows if you did not install it personally. It has a habit of monitoring your internet activity, applications usage, demographic information, computer usage etc. and runs in the background without any notifications while collecting data and monitoring your daily computer usage while sending them automatically without your consent.

    However, Premier opinion belongs to an online research marketing team that seeks to collect data for statistical usage.

    To uninstall it, tab on start menu button >> settings >> select apps >> look for premier opinion >> click on it and click Uninstall.

    If it gives you an error message while uninstalling it then use revo uninstaller to remove it forcefully.

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    PremierOpinion is a program created by VoiceFive.Inc that installs a Windows Service to run in your background. Basically, what it does is it it compilates your data while you navigate or use your computer to help you earn cash, rewards, gift cards and entries into valuable sweepstakes. while allowing you to express your opinion and share it with the world (as it sometimes also allows you to participate in different surveys, depending if you have already joined a survey site or not.)

    PremierOpinion might use a lot of bandwith and CPU power, which makes it annoying to some users as it tends to slow down the computer. A lot of antiviruses also recognize it as “malware” or as “potentially threatening”, specially when installed as a part of a pack. If you want to uninstall it, the process is very simple:

    1. Click your Start menu, then Control Panel.
    2. Go to Programs and Features.
    3. Find PremierOpinion, then right click and choose uninstall.
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