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Comodo Removal Tool Download

Do you want to uninstall Comodo antivirus?
You should remove it by using their proper Comodo removal tool.

If you are tring to uninstall Comodo from the control panel, there might be a possibility that it doesn’t remove completely. Actually, some of the registries entries/files/folders may remain which can be occurs problems like Computer freezing, Unable to connect internet, computer speed slow and also might be getting installation errors.

We suggest you, always use Comodo Removal Tool if you want to remove Comodo Security from your computer completely. Download the removal tool and uninstall it completely.


Comodo Removal Tool

Click here to Download:

Comodo Removal Tool – 32bit

Comodo Removal Tool – 64bit

Here’s the direct link to know how to uninstall Comodo software manually:

If these above links are not working properly, then you can download them from alternate server. Click here: Comodo uninstall tool 32bit / Comodo uninstall 64bit.

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  1. MAKA01 says

    OMG,I messed up the settings for this program some how and decided to uninstall and reinstalll, Easier said than done, First I ran a regedit program (Registry Workshop) and searched for Comodo Internet then deleted all entries but for some reason some would not delete (I backed up my reg file first) and then ran Cathy (A disk cataloging program) and navigated to the paths that Comodo showed up in and deleted them and it still didn’t work, Oh of cause I ran the built in uninstaller but that didn’t work either.the script did the job no fuss no a single problem

    1. Techexpert says

      You can try “REVO uninstall Tool” to remove Comodo Antivirus. Download REVO uninstall tool from here.

      1. Nick says

        As much as I like REVO it also fails to uninstall Comodo Free.

  2. Nick says

    REVO does not uninstall Comodo Free including Geek Buddy.

    1. Techexpert says

      Try to use “advanced search” option in REVO when you search.

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