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How to Remove mystartsearch.com Homepage (Removal Help)


I have something called mystartsearch.com that keeps coming on my screen when on Internet Explorer and even when I am in my bank Online it closes my bank page and takes its place. Could you do something with that? Please help me How to remove mystartsearch.com?  I shall send you a generous donation because then you will deserve it in my case. I sent you an attachment of this.

How to remove mystartsearch.com from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

Explanation & solution

Sure, we’ll help you to remove mystartsearch.com  from your computer permanently. First, we would like to explain about mystartsearch.com so that everybody can know that process what is mystartsearch.com? And how and why it enters into the computer and what would be the its removal steps.

Mystartsearch.com is a browser hijacker. It works in your computer as a browser’s search engine and displays lots of advertisements and sponsored links while using its search engine. Mystartsearch.com set as homepage on your browsers so users forced to use the mystartsearch.com  search engine.


Now we are explaining here to let you know how it to come into the computer. It usually comes into the computer through 3rd party downloading websites or unwanted free softwares. Actually these types of Adware companies added their installer embedded with these type third party websites’s installers. So eventually, it’ll be automatically installed on your computer while downloading and installing  any software from 3rd party downloading websites.

We are giving you an example: Suppose, you want to download a flash player into your computer to play the games online. You go to online search engine like “yahoo search” and search there “download flash player” and click on search button then you get results and choose one result and click on them and download flash player and installed it. But you know where you did mistake? You did a mistake while clicking on found results. You clicked on the wrong website (3rd party downloading website). Actually, these types of websites’s installers are embedded with Adwares.

Once mystartsearch.com got installed into your computer, you’ll also get lots of other changes to your computer like: default search engine, default browser, default homepage, default URL search and DNS settings are redirected to http://mystartsearch.com.

It’s technically installs on your all the browsers as an extension and take over all the settings rights. After it installed on your computer you can’t be change most of settings of the browser because mystartsearch.com has changed all the setting of a browser.

Mystartsearch.com leaves lots of traces of files, folders and registry traces which had been created while installing it on your computer. Even, its own uninstall utility won’t be uninstalled. Intentionally it won’t uninstall adware exactly so that can come again through these remain traces.

Removal Instructions

Automatic Fixit

Download Adware Remover Tool v3.9 to remove Mystartsearch.com Automatically, It’s a Freeware utility specially designed for Adware Removal. This tool can remove most of the Adwares from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It can remove all the traces of Mystartsearch.com from registry as well.



Manual Steps

Step 1: To Uninstall Mystartsearch.com from computer

  • Click on Start button and then click on Control Panel.
  • Now click on Programs –> Uninstall a program or Program and Features (Windows-7, 8, Vista). You also may click on “Uninstall a program”
Uninstall a program image 1
Uninstall a program for Vista, 7, 8
  • For Windows XP users click on Add/Remove Programs.
Uninstall a program image 2
Uninstall a program for Windows xp
  • You’ll get a window which has listed all the installed programs.
  • UninstallMystartsearch.com” from there.
    (Note: If you face any type of problem while uninstalling Mystartsearch.com” then you can use Revo uninstaller tool, it can it remove forcefully. Click here to download Revo Uninstaller Tool).
  • Also do uninstall all the unwanted & unknown programs which are listed in “Suspicious Programs list”(See below for the list). You should uninstall them immediately if you found any into your computer.
    (Note: If you face any type of problem while uninstalling anything from control panel then you can use Revo uninstaller tool, it can remove any software forcefully. Click here to download Revo Uninstaller Tool).
  • Uninstall all unwanted programs
  • Uninstall all unwanted programs


Suspicious Programs list

  • Browser defender
  • HD-Plus 1.8
  • Vplay
  • Browser protect
  • Browser protected by conduit
  • Delta search, Babylon
  • LessTabs
  • WebCake 3.0
  • Yealt
  • LyricsContainer
  • VideoSaver
  • AddLyrics
  • privacy safe guard
  • unfriend checker
  • Price peep today
  • Coupon amazine
  • TidyNetwork.com
  • DownloadTerms 1.0
  • Yontoo
  • Also uninstall all the unwanted & unknown programs which are not listed here.

Step 2 : To Remove Mystartsearch.com from Internet Explorer.

Step 2.1: Remove Mystartsearch.com from homepage

  • Open Internet Explorer then go to Tools menu (Press “F10” key once to active the menu bar) and then click on Internet Option a configuration page will be opened, then click on General tab. Now look into under HOME PAGE Edit Box you got www.Mystartsearch.com, replace it to www.google.com, then click on apply and close.

Step 2.2: Remove Mystartsearch.com add-ons from Internet Explorer.

  • Open Internet Explorer then go to Tools menu (press “F10” key once to active menu bar) and then click on Internet Option a configuration page will be opened
  • Click on Programs tab then click on Manage Add-ons, now you’ll get a window which have listed all the installed add-ons.
  • Now disable the Mystartsearch.com add-on, also disable all the unknown / unwanted add-ons from this list. (As per below screenshot).


Step 2.3: Reset Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer. Click on Tools menu (Press “F10” key once to active the menu bar), click on Internet Option. A internet option window will open.
  • For IE9, IE10 users may click on Gear icon IE Gear Icon. Then click on tools.
  • Click on Advanced tab then click on RESET button.
  • Now you will get a new popup for confirmation, tick mark on Delete personal setting then click on RESET button on that. (As shown on below screenshot)
  • Now your Internet Explorer has been Restored to default settings.

Internet Explorer Reset2

  • Now you will appear a popup stated “complete all the tasks”. After completion click on close button.

Step 3 : To Remove Mystartsearch.com from Mozilla Firefox

Step 3.1 : Remove Mystartsearch.com from Mozilla Hompeage

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, Click on Tools menu (If tools menu doesn’t appear then press “F10” key once to active the menu bar) then go to Options, after that a configuration page will be opened, then click on General tab and then look on the very first section named as Startup. Under start-up you will see a HOME PAGE Edit Box, under this edit box you will see www.Mystartsearch.com, please replace it to www.google.com, then click on apply and close.
  • Restart Firefox Browser

Step 3.2 : Remove Mystartsearch.com from add-ons

  • Open Firefox and then go the Tools menu (Press “F10” key once to active Menu bar) click on Add-ons, you’ll get a page click on extensions from the left side pane. now look on right side pane you’ll get all the installed add-ons listed on there. Disable or Remove Mystartsearch.com add-on, also disable all the unknown / unwanted add-ons from there. (As per below screen shot)


Step 3.3: Reset Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Firefox and then go the Help menu (Press “F10” key once to active Menu bar)
  • Go to Help menu then click on “Troubleshooting information”
    Note: you can also open this page in this ways, open Firefox then type this command in the address bar “about:support” (without quote) and then hit enter or OK.
  • You will get a page “Troubleshooting information” page, here you will get “Reset Firefox” option in the right side of the page.
  • Click on Reset Firefox option and then follow their instructions to reset firefox.
  • Mozilla Firefox should be Restored.

Firefox Reset1

Firefox Reset2

Step 4 : To Remove Mystartsearch.com from Google Chrome

Step 4.1: Remove unwanted homepage & search engine from Google Chrome

  • Start Google Chrome, click on options iconGoogle Chrome Options Icon (Located in very top right side of the browser), click on Settings. You will get a configuration page.
  • Under configuration page find a option named as “Open a specific page or set of pages” click on its Set Pages. Another window will come up. Here you will appear the bunch of URL’s under “Set pages”. Delete all them and then enter only one which you want to use as your home page.
Google Chrome Homepage step1
Google Chrome Homepage Reset step1
Google Chrome Homepage2
Google Chrome Homepage reset step 2
  • In the same configuration page click on Manage search engines button. Delete all the search engines from there, just keep only www.goole.com as your default search Engine.
Google Chrome Homepage3
Google Chrome search engine step 3
Google Chrome Homepage4
Google Chrome search engine step 4
Google Chrome Homepage5
Google Chrome search engine Step5

Step 4.2 : Remove unwanted extensions from Google Chrome

  • Start Google Chrome, click on options iconGoogle Chrome Options Icon (Located in very top right side of the browser), then click on Tools then, click on Extensions. (As shown on below screenshot)

Google Chrome remove extensions1

  • You will get a configuration page which have listed all the installed extensions, remove Mystartsearch.com extension. Also remove all the unknown / unwanted extensions from there. To remove them, click on remove (recycle bin) icon Google Chrome remove extensions button(as shown on screenshot)

Google Chrome remove extensions2

Step 4.3 : Reset Google Chrome – Restore to default setting.

  • Open Google Chrome, click on menu icon Google Chrome Options Icon and then click on settings (Note: menu icon is located right side top corner it is look like this: Google Chrome Options Icon ). (See the below screenshot for better understand)
  • Scroll down and click onShow advanced settings…”option, after click on that you’ll appear some more options in bottom of the page. Now scroll down more and click on “Reset Browser setting” option. (See the below screenshot for better understand)
  • Now, Close all Google Chrome browser’s window and reopen it again.




Step 5 : Remove Mystartsearch.com infection from Windows shortcuts.

Follow the following steps for all browser’s shortcuts like: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari as well.

  • Right click on the shortcut of Internet Explorer and then do left click on the properties option. You’ll get a shortcut’s properties.
  • Click on shortcut tab and then delete the “www.Mystartsearch.com/?utm” string from target field.
  • Need to delete this URL:



Repeat the above steps on all browser’s shortcuts like: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari in all location Desktop / Taskbar / Startmenu.

  • Remove Mystartsearch.com infection from startmenu’s shortcuts.


  • Remove Mystartsearch.com infection from taskbar’s shortcuts.



Step 6 : To Remove Mystartsearch.com from Registry

  • Press “window key + R” (Flag sign key + R) you will get Run box then type “REGEDIT” into the run box then click on OK. You’ll get a registry editor window.
  • In the registry editor, click on Edit menu and then click on find option, you’ll get edit box to search any string into registry editor
  • Type “Mystartsearch.com” into the find box and then click on Find Next.
  • The search result will highlight the key or value which have contains the Mystartsearch.com string.
  • Now delete the Registry Key/Value/Value-Data if any one contains “Mystartsearch.com” string (must see the example screenshot below)
    Note:- Do not delete the complete value data, just delete the Mystartsearch.com path only (for example see screenshot3 below)
  • Use F3 key to find Next. and do the last step to all results.
  • We are giving you the example on “Conduit” Adware.

Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2


Screenshot 3


Step 7 : To Remove Mystartsearch.com from Autorun Tasks

  • Click on Start button and then do Right-Click on the computer and then do left-click on Manage. A manage window will appear.
  • In the manage window click on Tasks Scheduler from right side pane, then click on “Task Scheduler Library“, Now look on left side pane and Remove all the Tasks which have contains Mystartsearch.com string and also remove all the unknown / unwanted tasks from there (As per the screenshot below).


Step 8 : To Remove Mystartsearch.com from Startup

  • Press “window key + R” (Flag sign key + R) you will get Run box then type “MSCONFIG into the run box then click on OK. You’ll get a msconfig window.
  • In the msconfig window click on Startup tab, here you’ll get all the startup entries, so look on the list and then do Un-check the entries which is contains Mystartsearch.com. Also Un-check all the others entries which you found unwanted. then click on OK to apply all the changes.


Step 9 : To Remove Mystartsearch.com from Services

  • Press “window key + R” (Flag sign key + R) you will get Run box then type “MSCONFIG” into the run box then click on OK. . You’ll get a msconfig window.
  • In the msconfig window click on Services tab, here you’ll get all the start-up services list, click on “Hide Windows Services” all the windows related services will be hidden. now it’s only display the 3rd party installed services, now look on the list and then do Un-check the service which have contains Mystartsearch.com. Also Un-check all the unknown / unwanted services. then click on OK to apply all the changes.


Step 10 : To remove Mystartsearch.com registry entries with Adwcleaner.exe

10.1 : Download AdwCleaner from the below link.

Click Here to Download: Adwcleaner.exe

10.2 : Run that downloaded file (Adwcleaner.exe).

10.3 : When you get it started, click on scan button to search the Mystartsearch.com files and registry entries (As shown below screenshot).


10.5 : When scanning process will be finished, click on Clean button to delete all the Mystartsearch.com files and registry entries (as shown on below screenshot)


Step 11 : To remove Mystartsearch.com with Hitman-Pro

Click here to Download Hitmanpro_x32bit.exe

Click here to Download Hitmanpro_x64bit.exe



Step 12 : To remove Mystartsearch.com with Malwarebytes.

12.1 : Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free, then double click on it to install it.

Click Here to Download Malwarebytes.exe

How to use malwarebytes

How to use malwarebytes

12.2 : Update online Virus Definition

How to use malwarebytesHow to use malwarebytes

12.3 : Tick mark on “Perform quick scan” then click on Scan

12.4 : When the scan done click on “Show results”How to use malwarebytes

12.5 : After clicking on Show result it will you a another window where you will get the found threats. Click on “Remove Selected”

How to use malwarebytes


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