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Adware Removal Tool by TSA is specially designed to remove Ad-wares from computers. The tool is developed by TSA Team – It’s a Freeware tool and completely free of use. This tool is able to detect and remove most of the Adwares from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, system folders & files and from registry traces as well.

Adware removal tool’s adware database is very powerful and it works on cloud based system. So you don’t need to update adware definition manually, it updates the adware database automatically every-time you run it from the cloud. Its cloud database get updated regularly for the newly discovered adware.

Adware Removal Tool by TSA support following operating systems: Windows xp, Windows vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and server edition as well.

Latest Version: V 5.1

For Support:- Please contact us for any help at our official email address:

Click here to download latest version of Adware Removal Tool v5.1.

Adware Removal Tool by TSA 5.1 Screenshot
Adware Removal Tool by TSA v5.1 Screenshot

How to use Adware Removal Tool.

How to use Adware Removal Tool v3.9

  • Step 1 : Start our tool (Adware Removal tool).
  • Step 2 : Click on “Scan & repair” button. It will start scanning and it takes time so please be patient.
  • Step 3 : After finished the scan, you’ll get a message. so please click on OK button. you’ll get all the results in front of you.
  • Step 4 : Click on “Repair all” button. It will remove all the selected objects.
  • Step 5 : Click on OK again. Now it is notifying you for closing all the applications.
  • Step 6 : You will get a finished message click on OK to reboot your computer.






adware-removal-tool-screenshot6 After reboot you’ll get final finished message.adware-removal-tool-screenshot7


What is Adware

Adware is an unwanted software program that is designed to make money for the creator in some way. It shows pop-up advertisements on your screen or it can redirect you to an alternative website, depending on how the program works.

It is commonly disguised within a legitimate program or website browser and once you click on it you activate it. The aim is to get you to click on it, download it or get exposure to a website it is associated with in order to increase revenue. There are also some pretty malicious adware programs out there that will corrupt your computer, tablet or phone if downloaded when promoted.

Sometimes the first you know about it is when you see either a bogus virus message that your computer is unsafe (yes we’ve all seen it) and you need to install this software to take care of the problem (don’t!) or you are redirected to a different site than the one you wanted.

Note:  Usually adware are not viruses but ads they show may contain malware or viruses. So it is advisable to install Best antivirus software in your computer. There are many Free and Paid antiviruses options are available in the market. So technically adware are not viruses they just fall under potentially unwanted programs. But adware removal tools are specially designed to remove them.

687 thoughts on “Adware Removal Tool Download”

  1. Your product sucks! My internet connection has been slowed or interrupted by some malware. I cannot run your tool since it’s unable to download the definitions. You should have a version of the tool available which can be used right away and should not need internet to run. What is the folder path where the definitions get downloaded?

    1. I’m so sorry about the inconvenience. Yes, it is true that our tool could not run without an internet connection because it downloads all the definition database from our server. Thanks for your suggestion that our tool could run itself even without the Internet. We’ll consider it in the next version. In the meantime, we suggest some more tools that will work offline too:
      1. Zemana Removal Tool
      2. Adwcleaner

  2. Your product works fine and scans quickly. I use it in conjunction with ESET and Microsoft’s own Malicious Software Removal. Thanks for supplying for free to everyone.

  3. I’ve been very happy with techsupportall.

    At first I was skeptical, as everyone should be when researching a malware or virus removing tool. They’ve earned my trust.

    Thank you!


    1. First of all so sorry for the inconvenience that you are facing.
      Thanks for highlighting this issue to us. We appreciate that.
      Could you please do us one more favor? Could you please provide the scan logs of our tool? You may locate the scan logs in the reports folder: “C:\Program Files\Adware Removal Tool by TSA\reports\” You may send the scan logs at directly.
      Your reply would be most helpful for us to fix this bug.
      We are looking forward to your reply.

  4. There is an adware removal tool by TSA which is one of the best tools which scan the system for any kind of adware infection.

  5. Looks like it worked very well for me! My homepage started with MSN instead of mattertable. I still use Yahoo. Will probably have to switch to Google in the future. Keep up the good work guys.

  6. After using several programs to clean one specific problem, your tool finally did the job. Thanks to all the great minds involved in this product.

  7. $$$$$$$$$ VERY INTELLIGENT TOOL $$$$$$$$$

    When ever i feel that my browsers are effected just i will run the ADWARE REMOVAL TOOL….that’s it…….

  8. great tool … I’ve been using since years .. I’m advising to everybody I know

    thank you so much for your nice work .. keep going guys

  9. Love this app…thanks a million. Though I may not know if all unwanted adware were removed, certainly the ones that couldn’t be removed elsewhere were removed here! Thank you again.

  10. It usually found something that both Microsoft antivirus and Malwarebytes could not detect. Support your hard working!

  11. WIll this remove this freaking bing that has hijacked my chrome? This is my first experience with a browser hijacker ….

    1. No, our tool doesn’t remove bing, but it removes 3rd party bing’s sponsored that uses bing search unethically. You may run our tool to remove browser hijackers and let us know if it doesn’t work on your computer.

  12. as usual, removed all ad-ware.
    Thank you guys
    I cant afford any money, if I could I truly would donate.
    thank you for all your good work

  13. Used your software to remove searchfinder redirect. The tool was very straightforward and found other things that should not have been there. Thank you. I am a college student so i don’t have much money, but i am going to recommend your software to everyone I know, as well as the It department of my school. Thank you again, excellent software!!

    1. You’re most welcome!!
      Thank you for using our tool and for your appreciation. It is our pleasure that you support for our tool.

      TSA Team

  14. when l click icon to open ART, or try to download new version of same…. l get warning box that states:
    ‘Windows cannot access specified device, path or file. You may not have appropriate permissions to access the item.’

    who is blocking the tool, please?

    1. Maybe your Antivirus is blocking it mistakenly. So please double-check it and add it to whitelist in your antivirus settings. If it doesn’t solve your issue, so please let us know again.

  15. Thank you for your very usefull help.
    This Free Adware Removal Tool by TSA signalized and removed pup’s that my paid version for removing Adware could not find.

  16. I tried to pirate a software then i got a virus. I was able to use this software to get rid of this annoying problem called safesearch. I cant expresss how much i am happy

  17. You know what ! It’s the best adware remover ever I found it so far . It could find many adwares in my computer that Avast anti virus internet fails to find them . Thanks for this awesome software.

  18. Theofanis Patitsas

    After trying many paid anti-malware/adware tools, this was the only one who got rid of everything. Astounding job!

  19. Recommended by my Anti -Virus software. Found the Ad-ware in the first run , Removed and cleaned . Restored and completed easily. GREAT SOFTWARE!!!

  20. Had a major problem on my computer that I didn’t know how to fix. Used Avast Total Care service and they recommended Adware and lo – your programme discovered a lot of adware that none of my other packages found! Brilliant programme. I run it every week. Would be great if there was an option for scheduled scanning.

    1. Thank you for using our tool and thanks for sharing your thoughts & suggestions. It’s a good idea of schedule scanning.
      We’re forwarding your suggestion to our development team.

  21. I find using your adware removal software a positive piece of mind to help me know my PC isn’t headed for trouble.

  22. Seems great so far. I specifically wanted it to remove MyWay adware, and it did that. It also found 240 adware objects and says it removed those. I’ll follow up if I find any problems, but I’m pleased with what I see right now. And I’ll make a donation after I give it some time to test the results.

    Thanks for the wonderful free tool.

    1. Thank you for using our tool and making the donation. It is our pleasure that our tool worked for you.
      Have a great day!!

  23. Jean N. Mosbrook

    Thank you for your Adware. It was able to rid my computer of the horrible pop up virus scam. It is so frustrating when I forget and click on the wrong thing. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!I donated to wikipedia last so will remember you next.

  24. I try to use the Adware tool once or twice a month. I have found it to be dependable and efficient. My PC seems to run a little better after each scan. Thanks!

  25. The TSA product appears to have worked perfectly. THANKS TechExpert! I have yet to reboot but it did identify (and apparently remove) all the adware attached to Chrome, which MALWAREBYTES, IOBITMALWARE, and AVAST all failed to find . What I did not get was why to use the optional browser reset. I could not tell if it would remove the default pages I had set up so I declined to use it. I have several instances of the browsers set to load different startup pages and I don’t want to have to recreate them. But I’ll keep this around for a long time! Thanks again! I definitely recommend it and suggest you create more great products like this.

  26. Stephane Meyrat

    Good programme. It did what is manually extremely difficult and painstaking to do in a couple of hours. I had to be patient at first and give the programme a full night (10 hours) to scan through my system to identify adware contaminated files.

    It still did not clear the main culprit, mystarting123, right away that is still glued somehow to my google chrome settings. I think it may clear after reboot. Usually, these hijack malware programmes tend to clamp onto the browser upon startup and launch of the system. A good programme. I recommend it to whoever needs a thorough clean-up of the adware on their system in a few hours.

  27. It’s definitely a fantastic application.
    I have a suggestion. When the program closes, it immediately asks for feedback but I think most users want to check that the system is completely clean before submitting their feedback. It would be very good to have a little time for this check before you ask. Anyway, thank you very much for creating such an effective and simple application.

    1. You’re most welcome!!
      Thank you so much for using our and for your appreciation.
      Your suggestion is most important for us. Practically, you are absolutely right that the feedback page could ask for feedback after some time. We are forwarding your suggestion to our development team to implement this in next version release.

  28. Dr. Sullie Wright

    The removal tool was great in finding unwanted Adware and removing them. Great job and kudos to technical support.

  29. Having trouble with a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs) in SCVhost.exe My antivirus (AVAST) removed the infected file, but not the trojan. A_R_T found something in my document / local – folder. It seem to do the trick. Nice.

  30. The best tool in its class! Use it for a long time. In most cases result is perfect, only a couple of times i had to search registry for “bad things” manually. Strongly recommend to use the tool when your PC has a strange behavior while antivirus says “Everything’s fine”.
    For those who compare the tool with other utilities just want to say: the tool aimed to find and remove adware only, don’t expect you will have better PC with multiplied performance after scanning.

  31. Very good tool – after the run , everything was better ! Aslo so easy and simple to use. No need for any special knowledge .

  32. Fantastic Tool Recommend it highly. Sure surprised me at the difference in my computers performance!! Amazed at all the adware that was hidden causing my pc to slow down.
    THANK YOU for creating this tools.

  33. Robert G Malashevich

    I was wondering if your software works with Macafee without interfering with either one. So far seems to work very well.

    1. Yes, our tool can works with any antivirus including Macafee. Actually, our tool is a portable utility which can able to detect & remove adwares when you run it. Eventually our tool doesn’t protect your computer live-time. So, if you want a good anti-malware which can protect your comptuer live-time then you can use Malwarebytes, Hitmanpro.Alert etc.

  34. I downloaded and ran your adware removal tool this morning as my computer was lagging and acting sluggish like something was working in the background. Your adware removal tool found and removed 13 files and seems to have resolve my issues. Thank you!

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