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New Hitman Pro 3.7.9 – Forensics based Anti-malware compatible with Win 10

Hitman Pro latest version

Hitman Pro by Surfright is known to be the top Anti Malware Software to detect and remove malware and Ransomware from PC. It is now fully compatible with windows 10 as well. Latest release of the Hitman Pro build 246 has been released on Sept 24, 2015. This year Surfright have added many new features. Read some of the below.

  • Windows 10 Support.
  • New Detection method of MultiPlug adware. This new method is based on forensics detection.
  • Improved Crusader malware removal engine.
  • Fixed a bug occurred in 64 bit system Rare Illegal Instruction exception.
  • Improved User registry keys handling in Remnant Scan.
  • And many more bug fixes and Improvement.

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1 thought on “New Hitman Pro 3.7.9 – Forensics based Anti-malware compatible with Win 10”

  1. I have installed Hitman Pro and have my product code number, and it was working fine for three weeks. Now Im getting a message I haven’t renewed my license.
    My product code # is 7***G-***N-L****-Y**16
    Please help me correct this error.
    Thank you Ron Freemyer

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