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Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit – Free Software to protect your computer

Malwarebytes has come out with a new Anti-Exploit program. This is a must have program in your computer to alongwith your antivirus software. Before knowing more about this software. Let us know about the Exploit.

Malwarebytes Antiexploit software

What is Exploit

For readers who don’t know what an exploit is in computers, an exploit is defined as a type of virus that gains control of the computer and performs some function, usually malicious, that effects a vulnerable piece of software, or a bug in the system that will cause some sort of action that is unintended by the computer’s main user or owner. These types of attacks are like ‘denial of service’ hacks on websites. In other words, the program protects you against any remote invasion with the intent to cause harm to your system.

This new type of program from Malwarebytes does not need to be updated with new signatures like all previous anti-virus programs, and it protects Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera browsers from attacks. It also protects Java, which hopefully means (but, probably doesn’t) that you won’t be updating Java continuously like you have to currently to use it.

How effective is it?

Malwarebytes contacted another company, Kafeine, in order to find out if their Anti-Exploit concept actually worked. Kafeine created 11 variants of the most common exploit kits. It then targeted a computer with Anti-Exploit loaded on it. The program picked up all of the variants.

Malwarebytes-Anti-exploit Free Download

Then Kafeine went further and supplied a product tester with other exploits that existed in the real world. The anti-Exploit program found and neutralized all of them.

Anti-Exploit won’t be eating up your bandwidth in constantly updating signatures and it takes up only 3MB of disk space. For people who are security conscious and who have extremely valuable files to protect, and with companies for whom their computer data means their very survival, this product makes some sense.

But, for the average computer user, this seems like it could just be a computer version of the ‘anti-rust’ treatment offered for new cars. Yes, it may prevent you from experiencing something unforeseen. But, just how unforeseen is it?

Is it something that happens every day to average computer users? Or is it something on another level, where these exploits target individual computers that hold something of value to them. Or like a ‘denial of service’ attack are these exploits just the computer equivalent of bombs that can be set in computers just because the owner of the data has done something to anger the instigator of the virus, The fact that ‘Exploits’ are not widely known by the average computer user, means to me that they are not as widespread and serve as a lesser threat than a common Trojan or worm-type virus.

Download Malwarebytes Anti-Exploits

Free Download Malwarebytes Anti-Exploits

Anti-Exploit Premium

Pricing & Coupons

The program comes in a free version as does their other products, as well as a Full version for $49.95. With the free version, if you pay $24.95 annually you can extend its coverage to include Microsoft Office applications, and media players, as well as popular PDF programs.

With the full version, you are able to total customize the program. You can turn the coverage on and off for different applications and programs, and you have the ability to create custom shields. With the free version of the program the coverage is set by Malwarebytes to cover the browsers and applications listed, and can’t be altered.

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