How to Fix internet explorer won’t open and close immediately



Internet explorer won’t open, are you getting these type of problems?

1. internet explorer won’t open
2. internet explorer closes after a few seconds
3. internet explorer flashes open and closes
4. ie open and closes immediately
5. internet explorer open and close right away

Solved Answers

That means some internet explorer setting gone corrupted, now here we go to repair them in advance mode, have to repair them manually, Please follow the steps below


1. Start “command prompt” with Administrator mode
Click on Start and then click on All programs then click on Accessories and now do right click on “command prompt” and then click on that and choose Run as administrator ( In XP you you just have to click on “command prompt”)

2. Copy and paste this below line (which is in orange color) into “command line” and then press enter button from your keyboard.

regsvr32.exe "c:\program files\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll"


regsvr32.exe "c:\program files (x86)\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll"

3. Now you have to reset the Internet explorer for set the defaut settings. Please click on below click that is the Ms fixit to reset the Internet Explorer.

4. Download this IE Fix Utility this file and run it and run it (Right click on that and run as administrator)

5. Download this zip file Unzip it and you will be getting 2 files here and run all 2 files one by one with admnistrator mode (Right Click on .cmd files and choose run as administrator (In windowsXP you just double on that file)

6. Now restart the computer once

7. then now again reset your internet explorer with below command

8. Restart your computer and get resolved your problem.

if doesn’t work then go to Microsoft Fixit

Download MS Fixit

Source Link:

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  1. Allen says

    This worked for me.
    Seems like a web browser hijack for me. What operating-system are you currently using and as well what type of Internet Explorer ?

    (Also you can load Internet explorer without the need of add-ons by pressing START >> RUN and after that entering iexplore.exe -extoff)

    In case these do not work make an effort to re-register IEPROXY.DLL through clicking on START >> RUN and entering regsvr32 IEPROXY.DLL and after that clicking on OK.

    Whenever Internet explorer dispersal really does IExlorer.exe display inside the task manager’s number of working processes?

  2. DAVID ROSTON says

    command prompt will not recognise-regsvr32.exe “c:\program files\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll
    states ‘specified module could not be found’
    Windows XP professional, IE8

    1. Techexpert says

      That means your computer have missed some components. Don’t worry, Now I am giving a batch file to fix it that problem, please run following batch file in administrative mode.
      1. Download that file “
      2. Extract all the files from ZIP.
      1. Then just right click on the file “ie8-rereg.cmd” and choose “Run as administrator”
      2. again right click on the file “fix-ie-dll.cmd” and choose “Run as administrator”
      Download link

      Enjoy the Free Fix…
      Please do reply if you got it fixed

      1. LCTabCat says

        Just want to tell Techexpert that I tried some other fixes and his worked. THANK YOU!!!

      2. ErNi3 says

        The above solution posted by Techexpert solved my problem for Explorer 11 and saved me the hassle of a fresh install of Windows 7 as this was my last resort!

      3. cindy says

        this fixed it however when I reinstalled IE11 from IE8, the issue returned. That is:
        1. internet explorer won’t open
        2. internet explorer closes after a few seconds
        3. internet explorer flashes open and closes
        4. ie open and closes immediately
        5. internet explorer open and close right away

      4. Keshi says

        All attempts to open the link failed

        1. Techexpert says

          Please explain your problem in more detail, we’ll help you.

    2. C Orcutt says

      Need to include the closing quote.

  3. Alan Nicholas says

    This fixed it for me, great job buddy.

  4. Michela says

    Fantastic! Your instructions worked like a charm. Thank you so, so much.

  5. Josey says

    regsvr32.exe “c:\program files\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll
    The module “”C:\programs” failed to load.
    The specified module could not be found.
    Windows 7 Professional, Internet Explorer 11

    1. Cindy says

      I get the same error message as Josey on Windows 7 Home Premium on Internet Explorer 11:

      The module “”C:\programs” failed to load.
      The specified module could not be found.

      Any help will be appreciated!

      1. Cindy says

        Thank you, Dan! I went back to IE 8 and ran your batch file

        All is working again!

      2. Techexpert says

        You can try to uninstall all the versions of Internet Explorer and then reinstall fresh IE9.
        Let me know if doesn’t fix.

    2. Sean says


      regsvr32.exe “%programfiles%\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll”

      as it doesn’t like the space in program files.

      1. Techexpert says

        No, The right format of this command is:
        regsvr32.exe “c:\program files\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll”
        Please use steps 5 as well. It will be solve. Revert back if doesn’t fix.

  6. Anon says

    Brilliant. thanks!

  7. Gary says

    I am running windows 7, ie11 and my ie flashes opens for a second then closes. Does this fix revert ie back to version 8, should I use this or is there another fix to get ie11 working?

    I have tried running regsvr32.exe “c:\program files\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll” in command prompt but am getting, The module “”c:\program” failed to load. The specified module could not be found.

    Any assistance would be very welcome, thanks.


    1. Techexpert says

      Gary, I think you did this command in a wrong way. You should use this command with the QUOTES (“c:\program files\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll”). So please try once more and also try step5. It will certainly work.
      Please let us know your results. You’ll get our help until the problem resolve.


  8. KC1127 says

    NONE of these steps work for me but thanks anyway.

    My last solution is to UNINSTALL IE11 from the system and REINSTALL IE8.

  9. me says

    Worked for me – Win 7 64 bit, IE11.


  10. gzveri says

    I had IE v.11 on my windows7 64 bits, and when I was starting IE it was immediately closing without any error.
    Ive tried many solutions, but none worked for me. finally I have fixed it by doing next:
    1. go to control panel, programs and features, turn features on or off, uncheck the checkbox for internet explorer 11
    2. go to control panel, programs and features, view installed updates, find internet explorer , right click and choose uninstall.
    3. restart pc
    4. try if internet explorer is working now, if not repeat step1 , now the previous ie version should be active.
    repeat al lthese steps until ie works.
    I had to uninstall ie11, ie10,ie9, and ie8 started to work properly.

    1. Jody LuCiano says

      You Got the juice Cuzz, This was the only one that worked.. I only had to take off ie10..

  11. byron says


  12. Manlio says

    The problem was: ” internet explorer flashes open and closes”
    In my case (Italian language version on a Dell desktop PC) sending command
    regsvr32.exe “c:\program files\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll” gives error (DLL not found), then I cd to program files dir with:

    cd “c:\program files\Internet Explorer”

    and send the command to register the DLL

    regsvr32 ieproxy.dll

    Start Internet Explorer and it worked!!! No need for further steps

    IE11 on Windows 7

    1. shuja says

      Copy iexplorer.exe on d drive and make a shortcut on desktop…you will see magic…it work perfectly…enjoy tricks

  13. stas says

    Thank you! Worked for me too. Better than microsoft!

  14. shuja says

    very simple solution..
    Copy iexplorer.exe on d drive and make a shortcut on desktop…you will see magic…it work perfectly…enjoy tricks

  15. T says

    IE is my only browser on the computer so I’m confused as to how I am to download the link if I can’t even open the browser. I’m running IE11

  16. Froggy says

    I never finished the steps, but IE is working again. Maybe just downloading the dll’s and the fix that you did in the comments worked?
    Im not sure, but thank you all the same.

  17. steven says

    when I go to command prompt and copy and paste this regsvr32.exe “c:\program files\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll
    a box pops up and says
    the module “c\program” failed to load
    make sure the binary is stored at the specified path or debug it to check for the problems with the binary or dependent .DLL files.
    the specified module could not be found
    what do I do

    1. Techexpert says

      You got the failed error message because you copied it without quotes. You need copy this with quotes (c:\program files\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll)

  18. Brandy says

    Thank you – this fix worked for me. I ran step 2 as written and it fixed the issue without having to go thru the other steps.

  19. Hoang Vu says

    Thank you! This fixed it for me, great job.

  20. KakashiJack says

    try in admin cmd:

    cd “program files”
    cd “internet explorer”
    regsvr32.exe ieproxy.dll

    it’s done

  21. Faizil says

    Thanks it worked for me!!! the command prompt didn’t work though, I think I may have missed the ” at the end only seen in the comments after trying the Mr Fixit in step 3/4 which worked IE 11 on 7 Pro 32bit

  22. Fred says

    Thanks so much. This worked for IE11 on 7 home 64bit. Your copy and paste line in step 2 is missing the closing “.

  23. john malek says

    None of the links work here so apparently this is no longer a “solution”… What the hell is it still doing here then? IE11 still just flashes, then closes. Same with IE 10. I can get IE 9 to work, but not well. This doesn’t solve anything.

    1. Techexpert says

      So sorry for the inconvenience. We have checked and found some links were not working properly since we were upgrading our website. Now, all the links are working perfectly fine. Please follow all these instruction step by step and let us know if doesn’t help.

  24. szt says

    When i attempted this as of 12/5/2015 when I get to the step 3 and try to download the ms fixit it says that it cannot download because my windows installer is not working correctly or not installed correctly. I skipped that and tried the next step to download the zip file and could not determine how to run it as a .cmd file so I just opened the files and ran them normally. Once I did that and tried to reset the Internet Explorer link I got the same message of windows installer not installed correctly. Any help would be appreciated. I am running Windows 7 on 64 bit.

  25. Nick says

    This is the only solution that works for me. I thank you!

  26. Thomas Smith says


  27. Smithe725 says

    It is also possible that Zynga’s chosen advertising network is to blame if we geagddafdgceckff

  28. Marianne says

    Hi. I got an error on step 2 that says “The filename,directory name, or volume level syntax is incorrect.” I have check the command line and typed it as it is.

    1. Techexpert says

      If you have 64bit windows installed on your computer then you have to try following command:
      regsvr32.exe “c:\program files (x86)\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll”

  29. Billy says

    Registering the DLL fixed mine.. NOTHING else was working. (Not even reinstalling IE) I am so glad I found this, thanks a ton!

    1. Techexpert says

      Happy to know that our reseach worked for you.
      Have a great day!!

      TSA Team

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