How to set default printer in Windows 10


Set a particular printer as default printer is a very easy task in Windows 7. But if you want to do it in Windows 10, it would be a bit difficult. Here in this page, we’ll give you the step by step guide how to set default printer in Windows 10.

Sometimes we need to use multi printers on a computer. We want to set a particular printer as a default printer. A default printer will be come up as the selected printer when you give print command. Sometimes, we need to change the default printer to another one as well. Please follow the following steps.

How to set default printer

Step 1: Click Start button.

Step 2: Click on the Control Panel (Gear Icon).

Step 3: Click on Devices

Step 4: Click on Printer & Scanners

Step 5: Do un-check the checkbox “Let Windows manage my default printer.”

Step 6: Click on the Printer you want to make as default

Step 7: Click on Manage

Step 8: Click on “Set as default.”

Go to the Microsoft official Instruction


How to set default printer

printer manage how to set default printer

How to set a default printer

Video Tutorial – How to set default printer in Windows 10

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