When i try to do window update it won’t go through and shows me a error message code: 80073701

Solved Answers

The problem occurs that “windows update error 80073701” because of the Service pack 1 is not installed properly or corrupted, In order to fix that issue you have to perform below listed steps methods. Please follow all the steps one by one.


Try to resetting the windows update components and check out if you’re able to setup. You are able to reset the windows update components by making reference to the article:

How do you reset Windows Update components?

“How to troubleshoot and fix Windows Update or Microsoft Update when you’re regularly available an update”

1. Run the computer Update Readiness Tool.

Windows 7 32-bit
Windows 7 64-bit

2. Start a command prompt with admin rights and type sfc /scannow, and hit enter.

3. Right after sfc completes, run the computer Update Readiness Tool once more.

Note: This is a rare occasion that we discover a Microsoft website that really repairs the issue explained about the page! So uncommon, actually, this could be the first example I’m able to remember.  Here’s the hyperlink to my resource:

Solution 1

Perform the System Update Readiness tool Software (checksur.exe)Running the computer Update Readiness tool and install SP1,

Follow these steps:

Visit to: = 44e15787-66b0-4e9c-9c3b-1fc9ea40f69f

Click on Download.

  • As soon as the download screen looks, click on Open. While the Windows Update Stand-alone Installer shows up, click on Yes.
    Right after the installation is done, just click on Close.
    Click on the Start button, type cmd inside the search box, and after that click on cmd.exe.
  • In the command prompt, type sfc/scannow, and then press ENTER. After the scan is finished, go through the Start button,
  • then type Windows Update Stand alone Installer inside the search box, and then click on Windows Update Standalone Installer.
  • Click on Yes, then after the installation is done, click on Close.
  • The moment the scan is done, try and install SP1 once more.
    In case you get this won’t while installing SP1, check out Solution 2.


Solution 2

Removing language packs
Removing rarely used language packs can deal with this problem. To get this done, abide by these steps:

  • Click on Start, and after that click on Control Panel.
  • Click on Clock, Language and Region.
  • Underneath Regional and Language, click on Install or uninstall languages to show.
  • Around the Install or uninstall languages to show window , click on Uninstall languages to show.
  • Choose the languages installed that you don’t apply, and after that click on Next.
  • Immediately after the un-install is done, try and install SP1 once more. If you still get the error when installing SP1, go to Solution 3.

Solution 3

Follow the methods beneath to perform a update:

Close up all of the running programs.
Insert the Windows 7 DVD inside the pc’s DVD drive.
Inside the Setup window, click on Install Now. Note When Windows doesn’t immediately recognize the DVD, abide by these


  • Click on the Start button, and after that type Drive:\setup.exe while in the Start Search box. Note: The particular Drive  could be the drive letter of your pc’s DVD drive.
  • inside the Software programs record, click on Setup.exe.
  • Inside the Setup window, click on Install Now.
  • Click on Go online to discover the newest updates for installing (recommended).
  • Type your CD key if you’re prompted to get this done.
  • Choose the operating system inside the Install Windows page you would like to Update
  • Click on Yes to just accept the Microsoft Software Licence Conditions.
  • Upon the Which kind of installation are you interested in? display screen, click on Upgrade.
  • When the installation is done, restart your pc.
  • When the inplace upgrade is done, attempt to install Service Pack 1 once more.


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  1. Sorry for my english. I try to solve this problem on Windows 7 Home Premium. I did everything, but nothnig helm my. Now I am backuping system with acronis an I will reinstall whole system. I try your steps, I also chceck time. I clean system with combofix, malwarebytes antimalware.. registers with ccleaner and tuneup utilities.. Nothing helps.. Buw thank you very much. Now I know something new 🙂

  2. Great !! suggestions…However to add on.Try and check the system locale ,the language and the Internet time and sync it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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