How to fix Object Error in internet explorer



How to fix object error in internet explorer,  when i try to open internet explorer it shows error message “object error” this comes up when i try to open any new webpage.

object error in IE


Solved Answers

When you open Internet explorer you got the message Object Error’ that means Internet explorer getting lot of load of unwanted toolbars, BHO’s, addon’s, extensions.

We have the proper solution for that error message ‘Object Error‘.
Here are the few steps to resolve this problem, please follow these steps to automatically resolve it.



If you getting this error message when you open Internet explorer. “object error

1.  Uninstall Unwanted Toolbars from add/remove program
privacy safe gaurd
Social Privacy

unfriend checker
Price peep today
Coupon amazing
We-Care Toolbar

2. Download this Hitman pro 32bit | Hitmanpro 64bit  for virus removal, Run this software and start scanning and remove the virus infected files (Remove if any virus detected)

3. To disable Unwanted Add-ons of IE you can use this MS fixit utility.

4.  Reset Internet Explorer Security Settings from Internet property option >> security >> Reset all zone to default level

5. Reset Internet explorer by reset button.

6. Restart your computer. After restarted problem should get fixed.

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  1. Jacques says

    Very good and concise resolution. Thanks

  2. Joseph Carrizales says

    very helpful, thanks

  3. Quan says

    Thanks for the info!!!!! It worked like a charm!!!!

  4. Lamin says

    Thanks for the suggestion, however; it won’t fix the error on my PC. I am running IE9 on a Win 7 – 64 Bit OS

  5. Hemant says

    @Lamin, If that does not resolve the issue, it means you have an antivirus or security program that is trying to scan webpaged but has been disabled. So enable those and it should help resolve the Issue.

    1. Minque says

      @Hemant, can you explain how to do what you told Lamin? I have the same as Lamin … IE9, Win 7 – 64 bit os … my error pops up on different sites on IE9 … ‘Message from webpage [object Error]’. I have used ctrl + alt + delete to get out of it … I’ve discovered that the website has duplicated its ‘Task’, and by ending the second task the error is ended and the webpage cleared. But I would LOVE to know how to completely eliminate the pop-up box altogether … do you know how?
      Many thanks, Minque

      1. Brian says

        I had the same problem. Close IE9 and remove “Unfriend Checker” from Add/Remove programs.

  6. Rolf Schneider says

    I followed all 5 steps but without resulting in deleting the unwanted object error problem

  7. Dougg says

    Dude right on…. you’re a Genius!!!! Mine was doin that bad, been runnin searches and comin up empty. Was bout to give up when i ran across this post. Followed steps and So far it’s runnin like a dream!!!

  8. SAM says

    I followed the steps and it fix the issue. thanks

  9. John says

    Thank you so much I had been trying to get rid of this problem for quite some time ,I had previously disabled some add-ons . That worked for awhile then it started popping up again about 2 weeks ago nothing stopped it this time untill I found your post . IE may not be the fastest browser however it is my preferred browser .

    1. Britta says

      It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunseinh.

    2. signals forex free says

      Short, sweet, to the point, FREE-exactly as information should be!

    3. auto insurance quotes nj says

      Thanks for helping me to see things in a different light.

    4. cheap cialisis says

      Your post captures the issue perfectly!

    5. juliane says

      Real brain power on display. Thanks for that answer!

    6. massachusetts insurance auto says

      Wow, this is in every respect what I needed to know.

  10. KH says

    Always leery of fixes you find on the internet, but this was legit. Object Error issue was fixed. Took about 20 minutes…

  11. Svarga says

    Your instructions are very clear. You have done a great public service. Thank you very much. I am in your debt. I am now rebooting to see whether it works.

  12. david says

    Hey Tech,
    I’v searcher far and long for the solution to the cursed [object Error] issuse. I followed your instrutions to the T, re-booted and IT WAS GONE!!!!!. U DA MAN!!,..,eh.Girl!,..?!..TECH:) whomever,
    Thanks for the 1 in 20 posts to actually offer real tech advise.
    much appreciated. To All out there, This advise works.

  13. Dale says


  14. Raviraj says

    Very Useful

  15. ranbir says

    how to open a pic when it show invalid image

    1. Techexpert says

      That means either file gone corrupted or possibility to computer don’t have the appropriate association to open this file in that case you have to fix the file association issue. Check out this article to fix association issue.

  16. Veronica Hedrick says

    I kept having this webpage error message appear. The customer service rep Danny helped me through it and it worked. Great website! Thanks for helping. It was quick and easy.

  17. cheryl weldon says

    wasn’t sure about this web site but i can see now it was very helpful i just need to see if this really works! my issue has been resolved!

  18. lynn says

    did not work for me…thnaks for trying

  19. Daniel says

    Thanks, It worked like a charm.

  20. Kim says

    Thank you so much, I had object error on most of the website, I wondered how fix object error from webpage, I have done lots of steps from lots of websites, finally I got your page and only yours solution worked. Thanks a lot for providing the right direction.

  21. June says

    it really works!

  22. Mahmoud says

    Whot to fix this error temperorry
    ***Error Reference: zrzyqw
    System Error
    Sorry, an unexpected error condition has occurred. Please contact your system administrator for assistance and provide the following reference number to help locate additional information about this problem in the system log files.
    Error Reference: zrzyqw

  23. Nageswara says

    Tools>> Internet Options >>Security>> Trusted sites>> Sites>> Delete all the sites and make check mark required Server varification

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