NVIDIA control panel gives its users complete access to all the features of their NVIDIA graphics card. Therefore, easy access to this control panel is important for most users. NVIDIA knows this and provides direct access to its control panel in several ways, like through the desktop context menu, Windows start menu, and even through the Windows taskbar. However, sometimes the NVIDIA control panel icon in the Windows taskbar goes missing. In this guide, we will describe in simple steps how to fix NVIDIA control panel is missing in taskbar problem.

nvidia is missing in taskbar

How to Fix if the NVIDIA Control Panel / Icon is Missing in Taskbar?

Restoring the NVIDIA icon on your Windows taskbar is a simple and fast process. However, you must carefully read the steps given below and execute them in their correct order to get desired results:

  1. Check if the ‘NVIDIA’ icon is available on the taskbar or not.
  2. Since, the NVIDIA icon is missing. Right click the Windows desktop and select ‘NVIDIA Control Panel’ from the context menu. Alternatively, you can run the NVIDIA control panel from the Start Menu.
  3. In the NVIDIA control panel, click on the ‘Desktop’ option and check the status of ‘Add Desktop Context Menu’, ‘Show Notification Tray Icon’ and ‘Display GPU Activity Icon in Notification Area’. In our case all three options are selected. If they are not selected in your case, then move directly to the Step 5.
  4. One-by-one deselect all the three options.
    all options
  5. One-by-one select all the three options again and close the NVIDIA Control Panel.
    destop options
  6. Right click the Windows desktop and select ‘Refresh’ from the context menu.
    context menu
  7. Again check the Windows taskbar for NVIDIA icons and now you can see them.

That’s it, you have restored the NVIDIA control panel icon in taskbar.

Why NVIDIA Control Panel disappear from the Taskbar?

There is no specific reason for why the NVIDIA control panel has went missing from your Windows taskbar. However, there are some common scenarios that may cause this problem with your NVIDIA control panel:

  • Windows Explorer Restart: Sometimes Windows Explorer gets restarted due to some malfunctioning software. After the restart, most of the icons in the Windows taskbar gets restored, but the NVIDIA control panel icon doesn’t gets restored. Usually, this happens when the NVIDIA control panel software is not opened when the Windows Explorer was restarting.
  • Improper Settings: This problem may occur if the right options are not selected in the NVIDIA control panel. You need to activate this option in the control panel of the NVIDIA so that its icon is always displayed on the Windows taskbar.
  • Removed by Mistake: Sometimes users remove the NVIDIA icon from their taskbar icons by mistake while they are removing some other applications.

As you can see these are some common things that can cause this error on your computer. However, whatever be the cause the solution for this problem is the same, which we will describe below.


How to fix NVIDIA control panel is missing in taskbar problem has a simple and easy solution, which we have clearly explained in this guide. Although the solution given above was for Windows 10, but you can follow the same solution for other Windows OS as well.