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How to change the Network settings from Public to private or Vice versa in Windows 10

When connecting to a new network, Windows will ask if the network is public or private. In fact, if you connect from home, the usual thing is to set up a private network. Similarly, this configuration is recommended if the network is trusted. However, if you are connected to an external network, then you must choose a public profile. This is logical, since other users are also connected to that network. Therefore, it is advisable to protect yourself from possible attacks. Today you will see how to switch between private and public network profiles in Windows 10.

What are the public and private connection profiles in Windows 10?

Broadly speaking, the significant differences are related to safety. Indeed, when you set up a network as Private, then the computer is discoverable. That is, it is possible to connect to other computers, send and receive files. On the other hand, when you are on a Public network these functions are deactivated. It is certainly possible to access the Internet, but the computer is isolated from others. Consequently, attacks are avoided by preventing vulnerabilities.

How to change the network settings from  public to private or vice versa in Windows 10

Microsoft is centralizing more elements within Windows Settings. So first, press the Win+I combination. Once you’re there, click on Network & Internet.

Network properties are immediately displayed. Now you must click on your connection type. In this case Wi-Fi. Then click on the network connection in the right column.

Relevant information about the current connection is shown below. In this case, the selected profile is in Private. So to make it public you just need to check the box.

If you want to reverse the process, just check the corresponding box. In this simple way, it is possible to change the public profile to private in the Windows 10 network connection. Bye!

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