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5 Best Software to recover data from hard disk / USB / SD Card (Free & Paid)

Have you lost important data like document, photos, videos etc. from your hard disk, usb stick or SD card? Then Data recovery software can help you to get the data back. Data is very important for businesses as well as for home users. But keeping it secure is really a big problem as storage media are not much reliable. Data can be lost due to many reason like virus attack, hard disk crash, hardware failure, deleted by mistake etc. People are also so lazy and do not take the backup task seriously until they loose the data.

Best Data Recovery Software

Below tools are helpful to recover data back if you have lost that by any means.

Best data recovery software for Windows / Mac / Linux

In below table you can find the information that how much you can recover in free mode and which operating system are these software compatible with.

Data Recovery ToolFree LimitationPaid PriceOS Supported
RecuvaNo Limit $24.95Win
EaseUS Data Recovery2 GB $69.95Win, Mac
Mini Tool Power Data Recovery1 GB $69.00Win, Mac
Active @ Undelete1 file per session $19.99Win, Mac, Linux
Stellar PhoenixView only $49.00 – $119.00Win, Mac, Linux

Best Data Recovery Software Reviews

We have also write a brief review of these best data recovery software. Be prepared and backup your data with these best automatic backup software.

1. Recuva

Best Data Recovery Software

Download Recuva

Recuva is one of the popular and best data recovery software tool available for Free. It can recover data from Hard drive, USB Drive , CD / DVD and memory cards etc. This software is very easy to use and have very user friendly interface. It supports up to windows 10, but unfortunately Recuva for Mac is not available. It is available only for Windows. Recuva is developed by the Piriform who is popular for its free PC cleaner Software CCleaner. It is available as Portable and as well installer version. If you ever need to recover data then try Recuva First before going for any paid option.

Recover is popular for its free version without any restriction. There is pro version also available which includes Automatic updates, Virtual hard disk support and Premium support.

2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS is a leading international software company providing its services since 2004 in the field of Data Backup and recovery. EasUs have millions of customer all over the world. Its popular product is EaseUS data recovery Wizard. It has a simple and user friendly interface. Data Recovery Wizard is available for both Windows and Mac. It can also recover data from iOS and Android but require to purchase separately.

Best thing is that for small users who want to recover data upto 2GB, this software is absolutely free. But to recover more then 2GB you require a paid license. It have different licensing option for different needs. Its paid version is $69.95 for 1 PC or server.

3. Mini Tool Power Data Recovery & partition recovery

MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Download Mini Tool Power Data Recovery

Power Data Recovery is a product of Canada based software company Mini Tool. Its Power Data recovery software is available for both Windows and Mac. They also have utilities to recover data from Macbook and iphone. Power data recovery is able to recover data from a damaged partition, Inaccessible partition, lost partition, formatted partition. It also provide a boot recovery disk if you are unable to boot device due to corrupted hard disk data. It can recover from almost all media devices.

Mini Tool Power Data Recovery is available for free as well but it has a limitation to recover upto 1 GB of data. So if you have small of data to recover like a few files then you don’t have to pay for its license. It is a professional data recovery software and it provide different licenses for Commercial use and Technicians use. It costs $69.00 for perosonal use license for single PC. For business use or for server license it is of $119.00 for 1 server / PC.

4. Active@Undelete Data Recovery Tool Kit

Active undelete data recovery toolkit

Download Active@ Undelete

Active Undelete is a product of Canada bases software company Lsoft technologies. After its popular products Active@ file recovery and Active@ partition recovery now they have combined both these features in its complete data recovery tool kit – Active@ Undelete. It is a powerful and fast data recovery tool which can even recover files which are not possible by other software. If you have tried another software without any success we must recommend to try this software.

It is also available with different licensing option having different features. In its ultimate version it include the Boot CD and live CD to handle the no boot situation. It also provide a Free version but in its freeware version only 1 file can be recovered per session otherwise you have to pay for it.

It can restore file, folders, deleted partition, corrupted partition, Corrupted raid system. You can also manipulate its partition table and boot attributes with its disk editor feature.

5. Stellar Phoenix Data recovery

Steller Phonenix Windows Data Recovery

Download Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software

Stellar have vast experience in providing data recovery services. It have vast line of its data recovery software like For Windows, For Mac, for Linux, for Android, for iOS. You can choose the right product for your exact requirement. It give benefit of only paying for the software what actually we require and not for unnecessary services. Visit its store to see the vast list of its products.

In free or demo version it will only scan and show the result to the user, but to recover the file you have to buy the license key. For technicians it provide many tool kits with lifetime licenses. Stellar Data recovery for Windows Home is of $49.00 which will only recover files and folders. To add the partition recovery option you have purchase the Pro version of $99.00. So you have to purchase the license according to your requirement.

before purchasing, download the trial version and check weather software is able to detect your desired data / file and ready to recover. Every software have its own technology and capability of scanning and detection of the lost data. For different user, different software may work.

Please share your experience with the software that other users can get the idea. If you have used another software and is worth to add here in the list, then please suggest us using the below comment box.

11 thoughts on “5 Best Software to recover data from hard disk / USB / SD Card (Free & Paid)”

  1. Rajesh sharma

    To be honest, Recuva is one of the best and legit software I have seen over on the internet too much helpful and mindblowing I could now access all my data which I lost earlier. I really loved the tools you have recommended but stellar is one of the best software recoveries it has recovered all my lost data thanks and thanks for the wonderful article

  2. Thanks article!
    Data recovery is a process in which a software is used to retrieve inaccessible data from a storage device such as a hard drive, memory card, pen drive, etc. Retrieval of data may have to be done if the hard drive crashes suddenly, the data is automatically deleted due to a virus, unknowingly deleted by yourself, or the files are corrupted. The primary task of data recovery software is to scan the storage medium to find lost files. Data recovery software has several different recovery algorithms, including Undelete Protected Data, Quick Scan and Deep Scan. It will run through them one at a time until your lost data is found.

  3. I really like the tools you recommended for recovering lost files. Data recovery software of Stellar is one of my favourite tool because this tool helped me in my hard time by recovering important photos, videos, and other files.

  4. Oliver Powell

    Well, I too have recovered my data with the help of the Stellar; but from its new and different interface as you have shown above. The new interface is very simple and easy to use for a newbie also. Thanks for sharing a list with us.

  5. David Johnson

    Last Week, one of my partition is not accessible to me and it contains lots of my official data which I really need for important presentation. I connected my WD external hard drive with my other working computer and after running lost partition recovery software from Stellar, easily recover my whole partition having more than 500 GB data.

    1. If your hard disk is okay and detectable you can easily recover data from your dead PC. If you are unable to detect your hard disk by attaching it to another PC directly or using a hard disk casing then still chances are there that you can recover the data with physical recovery service providers.

    1. yeah this website is useful to to ours and i want say something ‘ how to get a free data recovery software. datarecoverysoftware.co.in

      1. There are many companies which provide the free data recovery up to a certain limit. For the above listed software you can see the comparison table for the free recovery limitation.

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