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Adware Removal Tool Download

Adware Removal Tool by TSA is specially designed to remove Ad-wares from computers. The tool is developed by TSA Team – www.adwareremovaltool.org. It’s a Freeware tool and completely free of use. This tool is able to detect and remove most of the Adwares from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, system folders & files and from registry traces as well.

Adware removal tool’s adware database is very powerful and it works on cloud based system. So you don’t need to update adware definition separately manually, it updates the adware database automatically every-time you run it.

Adware Removal Tool by TSA suppored following operating systems: Windows xp, Windows vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and server edition as well.

Latest Version: v5.1 on 31th of march 2016

For Support:- Please contactus for any help at our official email address: info@adwareremovaltool.org.

Click here to download latest version of Adware Removal Tool v5.1.

Adware Removal Tool by TSA 5.1 Screenshot
Adware Removal Tool by TSA v5.1 Screenshot

How to use Adware Removal Tool.

How to use Adware Removal Tool v3.9

  • Step 1 : Start our tool (Adware Removal tool).
  • Step 2 : Click on “Scan & repair” button. It will start scanning and it takes time so please be patient.
  • Step 3 : After finished the scan, you’ll get a message. so please click on OK button. you’ll get all the results in front of you.
  • Step 4 : Click on “Repair all” button. It will remove all the selected objects.
  • Step 5 : Click on OK again. Now it is notifying you for closing all the applications.
  • Step 6 : You will get a finished message click on OK to reboot your computer.






adware-removal-tool-screenshot6 After reboot you’ll get final finished message. adware-removal-tool-screenshot7



  1. Perfect !!!. Thank tech support so much !!!

  2. Awesome, quick, clean, and neat.
    No adware included.

  3. ___123___Adware Removal Tool Download – Tech Support All___123___

  4. Finally, someone who cares as much as the innocent masses who have to put with the unnecessary bs that people infiltrate the web with meaningless and unwanted advertising and applications. If we want something online, we all know how to google it. Thank you “Techsupportall.com for your generosity and hard work. Your automatic cleaning app did the trick. Donation is on the way. Keep up the good work. , Tommy R

  5. Seems to have worked-could not remove the PUP files manually so I am very happy to have found this. Thank You!

  6. Removal tool was very effective.

  7. Excellent! I used Malwarebytes twice trying to solve the problem but to no avail. Plus – your tool was extremely fast.
    Thanks again

  8. even nortan,macfee,avira,avast,eset are failed to remove viruses but you guys are ultimate

    thanks thanks thanks

  9. Saved my computer from crashing! Thank you SO much! You all are amazing!

  10. thx for the tool the adware i had was super annoying

  11. OMG, This tool is AWESOME, i had a shit ton of adwares and other things here, and this tool found this adwares and etc… and i could delete them, finaly !!! i love you guys !! \õ/

  12. Great tool, but i would love to see a more stylish interface, for now, it are default windows buttons and i hate the look. and maybe make an installer, and let it run in realtime, so it can remove the adware as soon as it is installed on the pc. but anyhow it does what it needs to do, it removed adware problems adwcleaner couldnt find. this certainly is a great tool, and keep up the great work!

  13. I think I could finally get rid of Homepage virus. Thank you!!!!

  14. I have always depended on your software it helped me on various occasions. Please keep updating to meet with the everyday challenges

  15. Excellent Product

  16. .. i’ve used this program for a long time.. been without it for a year or so.. glad it’s back on now.

  17. This fixed my problem

    my chrome firefox etc browser got jacked by adware… in a rural area my internet is very unstable.. when it finally loads a page (like how to remove adware) it redirects to something else and then farts in my face.

    ms essential, malware antibytes and hitman did not help.

    TSA team, your software fixed my problem..

    If i had a dollar id give it to you.

    Please keep doing what u do. its helps!


  18. I made three attempts to remove OURLUCKYSITES using Adware Removal Tools but failed. Hours later I made another try and this time it was successful. Thank you team, it still works!

  19. Travis Traylor

    Will Be Sending Money, For The Help, U Guys Did a Great Job,.

  20. Very good adware tool. Thank you.

  21. not working with my PC (Windows 10 – 64 bit) 🙁

    A message appears saying that this app can not run on my PC

    Don’t know why !

  22. Efficient – accurate – fast – does what is says on the box & its free!!!

  23. One of the most helpful adware removal tools. Used this on multiple PC’s and never had any more issues after!

  24. thank you admin ….Works great …

  25. Now, trying… If this work.. I’m gonna support you guys for sure !!

  26. GREAT LITTLE APP.Also gets rid of rasome ware.WELL WORTH A DONATION .Thank you so much for your good work Cheers

  27. Had to run it twice but looks like problem solved!!!
    Thanx a lot!

  28. Magnificent tool! It found and removed threats no other application found!!

  29. Thanks a Lot…
    One of the Best Tool…
    Again Thank u Somuch…

  30. Just downloaded the latest version and found whole lot of search tools on my laptop. Very Useful Tool. Keep up the good work

  31. Your tool is excellent – it finds malware missed by both Malawarebytes and Superantispyware.
    I use all three but I do value yours very much. Thank you

  32. This is one of the best free programs I have come across. The following aspects make it a winner.
    1. Reasonably fast
    2. Thorough in search
    3. Clear interface and no guidance is necessary
    4. Updates with ease
    Pl.Keep up your good work and may God bless you and your team

  33. Thank you so much for this new tool. Every single time I let someone use my computer I have hours and hours of messes to clean up. This relieved me … easy fix too.

  34. Just Awesome really like this app and it help me so much i was about to format my operating system but thanks to adware removal tool

  35. Totally awesome man. I tried each and every tool to get rid of adware even malware bytes was not able to find the adware. Your software is life saving for me. I was going to formal my operating system but your software saved me. I would really donate for this software but right now i am a student but after getting job definitely I am going to donate.

  36. this is the one of the best remover tools I’ve ever used.
    thank you.

  37. This ADWARE REMOVAL TOOL works just right. It amazed me how much was on my PC and has been cleaned.

  38. Great!! I love this program!!

  39. I ran the scan and cleaned up my computer. I reset internet explorer but did not reset Firefox because i don’t know if i reset everything to default and disable the add-on’s if that will lose things i need for my business. Your tool worked easily and efficiently.

  40. its wonderful tool for all PC’s running smoothly ….thank u all at Techs support team.
    God bless you,

  41. Found and cleaned the problems that had been bothering my computer for months. Great software

  42. Dona J. Medeiros

    I have tried pushing every button available and nothing is happening. I can’t even find a “start” button to push. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? I have Windows XP with the Firefox browser.

  43. My PC tech installed this seven months ago, and I find it GREAT thank you for it.

  44. Its more efficient than Adwcleaner – but not as fast – but that doesn’t matter.

  45. Thank you, It is quick and efficient. Please keep this as freeware only. I am annyoed by Adware these days.

    Big Thanks once again

  46. Thank you so much! You found 18 objects. I was surprised as my “protection” didn’t find any problems and this is a pretty new computer I got for Christmas. I am so glad you can develop a great, helpful product. p.s. I have changed to a better “protection” haha.

  47. miracle , the best of them

  48. Excelent program, straight for the task, no gateways no advertise no complications at all. Great program.

  49. ONLY Adware removal tool on Internet that really DOES the job what it is meant to be! NO other freeware is as reliable as this is!

    Worth trying.

    Thanks a ton to the developers!

  50. Thanks for giving such a excellent tool to remove the unwanted files & Adware sites, I searched in many places and asked suggetion in many people & finally got your tool & it worked well.. Thanks

  51. Thankful for this tool

  52. Incredibly fast, thorough and excellent ad cleaning tool!

  53. Very good, fast and efficient.

  54. Md. Nazrul Islam Majumder

    Adware removal tool by TSA is a powerful tool. I am very must satisfied using this software. Wish your all success. Best Regards.

  55. This is truly one of the best systems I have used, straight forward with no rubbish sales, no pop ups.
    I really find it hard to believe it is free as so many others that were once free have opted to push the extra chargeable service on every start up or during a time when it is not practical.

    The software works and has removed most of what the others have missed, and what I like is that it does not need installing or take over the system, and then end up taking up valuable resources.

    Really cannot say much more than thanks.

  56. Well, so far this is the best and the fastest adware remover i know

  57. Great job ,, 10/10 is my rate

  58. Great for removing PUPS only one that does.

  59. Wow…this is amazing tool. Finally this program solved my chrome, firefox and explorer and even more removed 35 treads. Thanks admind. Really helpful.

  60. Thank you so much! I just got my laptop back from my tech guy and it was still running slow. But, after running your program (thanks to HP) it seems to be much faster!

  61. the only genuine adware removal tool glad i found this website!!

  62. using Google as a browser, I needed to get rid of “myway” add-on but manually i would have lost few minutes. this tool not only that eliminated this add-on but many others where not caught by my antivirus product. kudos, great product.

  63. myway was the problem. Seems to removed ok Thank

  64. Thank you Tech Support All! Your Adware Removal Tool worked flawlessly to remove all the crap on this computer. Thank you!

  65. Superb.. more accurate than MBAM thanks a lot TSA

  66. The experience with Adware Removal Tool by TSA can be defined in just one word BEST. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

  67. Kindly Make it a installer.exe so that can protect our system and browsers from adware permanently

    • lol, i agree they should do that. just realtime protection. and the interface is clean, but maybe make it more stylish. but anyway. it does what it needs to do. and thats what it is about..

  68. After removing so much ADWARE, THE BEST!!!.
    Donation is on his way.

  69. Hi ,, Im so thankful with this app thumbs up!!! I would recommend this to my friends

  70. Unbelievable tool. Thank You.

  71. Says it found and removed 18 adwares. Thank you.

  72. Umm.. After the reboot it doesn’t open and I have to do it manually and do the scan over and over again and after every reboot the program doesn’t reopen.. what should I do ?

  73. All Respected and Honorable Members of TSA
    THANKS TO ALL of you I facing problem last 10 days then today its gone and my PC is OK.
    GOOD Job all of you.Thanks again and Best of Luck.

  74. Benedict Pierre Tendean

    Thank you for creating such a program. Your program found 22 object’s in my computer. Without it my computer will broke and cost money to fix. It’s not me who pay for the computer, my parent’s did. And also this program makes me play games without any pop-ups. Anyway thanks again. I wish I can donate, but im still a kid and have no money 🙂

  75. Thank you so much for this unique, valuable and generous service.

  76. Excellent tool you guys have got. Clean interface, easy to use. Keep it up guys.

  77. really, good work by team. i had already tried another adware software but this is THE BEST among all

  78. EXCELLENT, fast and accurate. Truly great !!!!!!

  79. I think the software is great, i hope your keep up the good work.

  80. After 15 mins of search and more than 60000 files scaned, they founded 94 infected files..
    thanks a lot guys owe u a big time.. gonna keep using your tool

    • Same bro. It founded 4 of it and achieved the revoming the adwares that f****** popular softwares couldn’t includes Malwarebytes and Adwcleaner! Also HitmanPro too!

  81. Simple to operate – efficient – quick – accurate and FREE – what more could you ask for ?

  82. Very good tool for finding unwanted progs

  83. thank you, just hope everything is removed this time. I’ve used another adware removal tool and it said
    everything was good to go.

  84. Thanks a bunch. Removed two PUP’s after doing two scans with others that did not detect them.
    I will donate within a month or two. Unable to do so now. Really appreciate your site 🙂

  85. very good!!! fixed my browser problems and got rid of unwanted search tool bars. Will recommend and will use on all my computers. Thanks

  86. so far so good

  87. Hi.

    Your adware cleaning tool is very useful and incredible. I use it to remove the adware that’s been here for 3 years or less.


    Dan P. Lyons

  88. Thanks heaps for this useful tool.

  89. These people are the real deal. “search.Myway” was a pox on my system.
    4 so-called adware killer programs & scans & 3 hours later I found these guys.
    TSA killed it in minutes.
    I was more than happy to make a donation.
    Merry Christmas.

  90. amazing work …really i proved of this adware tool….i like so much ….☺♥♥♥

  91. better on previews version 4.1 . good feature and user friendly.

  92. Best tool ever, easy to use and quick…i only wish i had the funds to donate 🙁 keep up the good work!!

  93. thanks. it’s very helpful my computer and now it become faster. thanks a lot

  94. Very Good. Perfect and Fast Cleaner.
    All 5+ 🙂

  95. This tool is PERFECTLY WORKING AND SAFE, Please do not make bad comments. if you have any remarks ask question to the team. Thanks for this wonderful tool by TSA.

  96. very simple, I have solved with this a lot of problems that were difficult to solve.


  97. Best program ever! Simple, fast and it does the job perfectly. Thank you so much!!!

  98. Unfortunately the scan only made it to 30% and then froze. However my Youndoo problem appears to have disappeared. Google chrome is back. And that was my reason for downloading your removal tool. So I guess all is well, Thank You. 🙂

  99. Hurray! all is gone, Thank tech support for a job well done.

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