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Trojan Remover Tool Download – (Direct Free Download -TR)


Download link 1: Trojan Remover (trjsetup-9x.exe)
Download link 2: Trojan Remover (trjsetup695.exe)

Download the free and fully-working Trojan Remover tool, the software will remove all the trojan, it would be works for windows xp, vista, windows7, windows8. Trojan remover is very powerful trojan removing software which will be updated and ran a scan, Every-time you starts your computer when boot scan be starts automatically, and begin the scan for booting live virus and trojan, Trojan remover also have some utilities to repair your computer, it have the feature to find which one registry files are changed and which one is the virus or trojan activity.
Another best feature is that if it will found the changed registry it have the default value to change back to default. After it will done Trojan cant be run at start up.
Trojan Remover examines all the registry files and the windows system files and the programs and files which are loaded at booting time. after examine If it will found any trojan then get delete one by one with prompting to you, It have fast scan feature it will scan your computer with in few seconds. it will scan in registry directly because registry is the center of the computer


  • Fast scan option (boot time)
  • Trojan removing in quick mode
  • Registry repair (if virus changed it)
  • Host file changer utility (In-build)
  • Repair IE files utility (In-build)
  • Windows update repair utility (In-build)
  • Auto-run at start-up
  • Boot time scan feature

Windows compatibility

Windows 98, windows ME, Windows xp, windows vista, windows 2000, 2003, 2008, Windows 7, Windows8


Trojan remover tool (1)

Trojan remover tool (2)

Trojan remover tool (5)

Trojan remover tool (4)

Trojan remover tool (3)

Trojan remover tool (1)


10 thoughts on “Trojan Remover Tool Download – (Direct Free Download -TR)”

  1. I am running windows 10 64 bit. When I try to run the Trojan removal tool on your website it gives an error that says it can’t be installed on windows nt???

    Didn’t know I was running Windows NT. What do I need to fix problem?


      1. Hello, It gives me the same error message on Windows 7. “This program does not work under Windows nt”

        1. If you get this message, we recommend you please try this one, click here to download
          We have updated the above download links as well.
          Thanks for letting us know.

      2. Hi! Same error message for me on both links you suggest and the ones on the page.

  2. Anthony gonsalvis

    The JS:Redirector-BXI is a Trojan Horse virus that is able to bypass or turn off many normal anti-virus softwares and even firewalls and performs many evil-activities to damage or corrupt a computer system or its software/hardware utilities and enables its creator/hackers/cyber criminals to remotely invade and attack the infected computer system.

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