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PCmover – Transfer data from old PC to new

PCmover is a great tool for anyone who is considering making a switch to a new PC. This software allows the user to retain the entire desires file, user setting and profiles and some of the selected programs. PCmover has made switching quite convenient as you do not have to worry about losing your previous files that you wish not to lose. This transfer of files is made possible with the help of a Ethernet cable, a network or even a transfer cable. With one of these components on hand you can easily transfer files with the fastest speed. You do not really have to go looking in your closet and drawers for those entire program CDs that contained serial numbers and keys. PCmover will allow you to transfer all your old files and programs and these transfers will automatically be installed in your new PC, so you would not have to enter all the serial codes for licenses again.

Transfer data from old pc to new pc

PCmover has several versions to it and each version it suited to different kinds of users. For instance there is a home version for average users, a professional version for users who know their way around the advanced settings and even the business version for small enterprises and even the large ones.

Download Free Version

Download Pro Version

Professional version of PCmover is currently the most popular one at the moment and can be purchased for around $60. It is a premium version and has some amazing features to it. Apart from transferring files from old PC to a new one, it can also upgrade your new PC to a new version of operating system. It also enables users to get back things from an old hard drive and can even allow you to run multiple Windows versions while keeping all the data. It is voted as the most convenient tool for automatically restoring all the previous files.

Steps of restoration with PCmover

  1. The first step is to install PCmover in your computer. It must be installed in both the new and the old computer since there is a connection between both and files will be taken from the old one to the new one.
  2. Second step is transfer stage where you just have to choose the easy wizard. Make a selection of the transfer type and the easy wizard will guide you through the whole process.
  3. Third step is to observe your new computer as it will give you the comfort of having characteristics of your old PC.

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