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Kaspersky will create a phone that is impossible to hack

Smart phones are an almost indispensable tool in today’s world. Likewise, to the extent that they are needed, they are vulnerable. So the more generalized is the use of the phone. The greater the number of important personal and business data at risk. This is why many dream of a phone that is impossible to hack. And to their joy that dream is close to becoming a reality. Asi it I communicate it Kaspersky. And it is that the company of security has intention of making it.

Kaspersky Lab is a company leader in cyber security. In fact, it is one of the largest computer security companies in the world. The Russian international company has presence in approximately 195 countries. Thus, the company offers a wide range of products and technologies of information protection to millions of users. That is why the creation of an anti-hacking phone by the company is not a surprise.

An anti-hacking phone: a dream come true

“Kaspersky Lab’s goal is to create a secure phone that is impossible to hack”

Eugene Kaspersky, Kaspersky CEO

However, the dream is in the process of materializing. Therefore, many of the expectations are still part of the dream. Consequently, Eugene Kaspersky detailed the real characteristics of the telephone. Specifically the new features were announced in an interview with the Russian news agency Sputnik. In this interview, the company’s CEO mentioned that the goal of Kaspersky Lab is “to create a secure phone that is impossible to hack”.

Before this shocking news he clarified some aspects. First, he mentioned the operation of the phone with a unique operating system. That is, it will not be compatible with commercial operating systems such as Android or iOS. Then, he also stated that it would be a phone with basic specifications. Therefore, there would be no need to wait for the operating systems such as Android or iOS to stand out. Because this phone would have special features.

However, of course the phone would fulfill the elementary functions. This way you can make calls and send short messages. Also, it will include an office package and a search engine with minimal functions. In addition, a standard repertoire of applications such as alarm clock, calculator, among others.

Also, I highlight the addition of an application store. Mentioning that, before including an external appstore, they would generate their own. However, it is not foreseen a primary inclusion of an app store as such. It is the inclusion of a similar application. Finally, I emphasize that they were aware of the need to join partners to take off a project of this magnitude. For the cyber community, this brief approach is enough to raise expectations about the materialization of this dream.

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