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How to start Firefox without addons – Plugins | Extentions | Safemode

Troubleshoot and fix Firefox issues working with Safe Mode

Safe Mode is really a unique Firefox mode you can use to diagnose and repair problems. Safe Mode quickly resets some configuration settings and disables addons that could be creating problems. Through evaluating Firefox behavior in normal mode to the conduct in Safe Mode you might be capable to discuss the reason for the issue.
Please note: Microsoft windows users may have heard a Safe Mode for Windows. Firefox Safe Mode doesn’t have link with Windows Safe Mode.

Please note: The Reset to zero Firefox feature can solve many issues by reestablishing Firefox to the factory default condition though saving your important info. Consider utilizing it before you go though an extended trouble shooting method.
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The best way to start out Firefox in Safe Mode
Safe Mode screen
Problem solving problems in Safe Mode
Your problem happens in Safe Mode
Your problem doesn’t happen in Safe Mode
Exit Safe Mode

How to begin Firefox in Safe Mode

On top of the Firefox window, go through the Firefox button, check out on the Help menu and pick Restart along with Addons Disabled. Firefox starts up with the Firefox Safe Mode dialogue.
Please note: It’s also possible to start Firefox in Safe Mode by holding down the shift key when starting up Firefox.

Safe Mode screen
You’ve got two options:

Clicking on the Start in Safe Mode control key is going to for the short term disable your plug-ins and themes, shut down hardware acceleration and speed and reset toolbar and button custom remaking. Whenever you go away Safe Mode and begin Firefox up usually, your plug-ins, themes, and settings will go back to their state these were in before you’ll entered Safe Mode.

Click on the Reset Firefox button will certainly restore Firefox for their factory default condition while conserving your crucial information. Discover Reset Firefox – very easily fix most difficulties for much more information relating to this option.

Problem solving issues in Safe Mode

Once Firefox is within Safe Mode, you will want to check its tendencies if ever the issue goes away completely.The issue occur in Safe Mode
If your issue still occur in Safe Mode, it isn’t being attributable to an extension or theme. Additional possible causes might be extensions or modifications meant to Firefox preference settings, which aren’t disabled in Safe Mode. Start to see the following articles for resolution:

Diagnose Firefox issues
Diagnose problems with plugins like Flash or Java to repair typical Firefox problems
Totally reset Firefox preferences to repair and fix issues
The issue does not occur in Safe Mode
If your problem does not occur in Safe Mode, its likely due to an extension, theme or hardware acceleration.

View this article Diagnose extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to resolve popular Firefox difficulties for solutions


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