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My IE 11 is hijacked by homepage and I want to remove it immediately from my computer. Please help me how to remove from Internet Explorer 11?

How to remove from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

Explanation & Solution is a browser hijacker and part of a larger addon known as Safesearch. It is not malware, a Trojan, or a virus. Instead, the browser extension is a very annoying example of what is known as a browser hijacker, which tries to force you to visit a particular web page. Luckily, it can be fixed if you know how to remove homepage. homepage Image

The main visible symptoms will be seen in your browser. It can affect all common browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Your homepage will have been changed to the site, and the Web Search engine will have replaced your usual search engine. You will also see many sponsored links and unwanted ads in your search results. will also monitor your Internet behavior. is hidden in wrappers – layers which wrap around programs you actually want. When you install the program you have downloaded, most people use the Default or Automatic installation options. These will be set up so that the adware is installed automatically on your computer, without your knowledge. The first you will know of the infection is when you see the problems described in the previous section.

The best way to stop becoming a problem is to exercise care when you use download sites. Make sure the site you use is genuine, and never download a program if you feel suspicious. When you install any software, remember to select the Custom install mode, which will allow you to monitor exactly what is being installed. If there is a check box giving permission to install, you should always uncheck it.

It is possible to delete this browser hijacker manually. However, this is a difficult operation, as making any mistakes can leave your computer still partially infected. As for how to get rid of entirely, it is much better to use a proper tool which has been written specially for the purpose. Knowing how to uninstall the extension with this type of tool will save you a lot of time and effort.

Simply follow the following instructions to remove

Removal Instructions

Automatic Fixit

Download Adware Remover Tool v3.8 to remove Automatically, It’s a Freeware utility specially designed for Adware Removal. This tool can remove most of the Adwares from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla Firefox and from their registry traces as well..



Manual Steps

Step 1 : To Uninstall from computer

  • Click on Start button and then click on Control Panel.
  • Now click on Programs –> Uninstall a program or Program and Features (Windows-7, 8, Vista).
Uninstall a program image 1
Uninstall a program for Vista, 7, 8


  • For Windows XP users click on Add/Remove Programs.
Uninstall a program image 2
Uninstall a program for Windows xp
  • You will get a window which have listed all the installed programs.
  • Uninstall from there.
  • Also do uninstall all the programs which are listed in Suspicious Programs list below, if you find any installed into your computer. Because all these programs are unwanted. You should uninstall all them immediately if you found any.
Uninstall all unwanted programs
Uninstall all unwanted programs


Suspicious Programs list

  • Browser defender
  • Browser protect
  • Browser protected by conduit
  • Delta search, Babylon
  • LessTabs
  • WebCake 3.0
  • Yealt
  • LyricsContainer
  • VideoSaver
  • AddLyrics
  • privacy safe gaurd
  • unfriend checker
  • Price peep today
  • Coupon amazine
  • DownloadTerms 1.0
  • Yontoo
  • Uninstall all the unwanted programs, which are not listed here.


Step 2 : To Remove from Internet Explorer.

Step 2.1 : Remove from homepage

  • Open Internet Explorer then go to Tools menu (Press “F10” key once to active the menu bar) and then click on Internet Option a configuration page will be opened, then click on General tab. Now look into under HOME PAGE Edit Box you got, replace it to, then click on apply and close.

Step 2.2 : Remove add-ons from Internet Explorer.

  • Open Internet Explorer then go to Tools menu (press “F10” key once to active menu bar) and then click on Internet Option a configuration page will be opened
  • click on Programs tab then click on Manage Addons, now you’ll get a window which have listed all the installed addons.
  • Now disable the add-on, also disable all the unknown / unwanted addons from this list. (As per below screenshot).


Step 2.3 : Reset Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer. Click on Tools menu (Press “F10” key once to active the menu bar), click on Internet Option. A internet option window will open.
  • For IE9, IE10 users may click on Gear icon IE Gear Icon. Then click on tools.
  • Click on Advanced tab,then click on RESET button.
  • Now you will get a new popup for confirmation, tick mark on Delete personal setting then click on RESET button on that. (As shown on below screenshot)
  • Now your Internet Explorer has been Restored to default settings.

Internet Explorer Reset2

  • Now you will appear a popup stated “complete all the tasks”. After completion click on close button.

Step 3 : To Remove from Mozilla Firefox

Step 3.1 : Remove from Mozilla Hompeage

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, Click on Tools menu (If tools menu doesn’t appear then press “F10” key once to active the menu bar) then go to Options, after that a configuration page will be opened, then click on General tab and then look on the very first section named as Startup. Under startup you will see a HOME PAGE Edit Box, under this edit box you will see, please replace it to, then click on apply and close.
  • Restart Firefox Browser

Step 3.2 : Remove from add-ons

  • Open Firefox and then go the Tools menu (Press “F10” key once to active Menu bar) click on Add-ons, you’ll get a page click on extensions from the left side pane. now look on right side pane you’ll get all the installed add-ons listed on there. Disable or Remove add-on, also disable all the unknown / unwanted add-ons from there. (As per below screen shot)


Step 3.3 : Reset Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Firefox and then go the Helpmenu (Press “F10” key once to active Menu bar)
  • Go to Help menu then click on “Troubleshooting information”
    Note: you can also open this page in this ways, open Firefox then type this command in the address bar “about:support” (without quote) and then hit enter or OK.
  • You will get a page “Troubleshooting information” page, here you will get “Reset Firefox” option in the right side of the page.
  • Click on Reset Firefox option. and follow their instruction to reset.
  • Now your Mozilla Firefox has been Restored to default settings.

Firefox Reset1

Firefox Reset2

Step 4 : To Remove from Google Chrome

Step 4.1 : Remove unwanted homepage & search engine from Google Chrome

  • Start Google Chrome, click on options iconGoogle Chrome Options Icon (Located in very top right side of the browser), click on Settings. You will get a configuration page.
  • Under configuration page find a option named as “Open a specific page or set of pages” click on their Set Pages. A another window will come up. Here you will appear the bunch of URL’s under “Set pages”. Delete all them and then enter only one which you want to use as your home page.
Google Chrome Homepage step1
Google Chrome Homepage Reset step1
Google Chrome Homepage2
Google Chrome Homepage reset step 2
  • In the same configuration page click on Manage search engines button. Delete all the search engines from there, just keep only as your default search Engine.
Google Chrome Homepage3
Google Chrome search engine step 3
Google Chrome Homepage4
Google Chrome search engine step 4
Google Chrome Homepage5
Google Chrome search engine Step5

Step 4.2 : Remove unwanted extensions from Google Chrome

  • Start Google Chrome, click on options iconGoogle Chrome Options Icon (Located in very top right side of the browser), then click on Tools then, click on Extensions. (As shown on below screenshot)

Google Chrome remove extensions1

  • You will get a configuration page. which have listed all the installed extensions, Remove extension & also remove all the unknown / unwanted extensions from there. To remove them, click on remove (recycle bin) icon Google Chrome remove extensions button(as shown on screenshot)

Google Chrome remove extensions2

Step 4.3 : Reset Google Chrome

  1. Close all Google Chrome browser’s window.
  2. Press “window key + R” (Flag sign key + R) on your keyboard , you’ll get Run box.
  3. For windows xp: Copy and Paste this following command: %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default" in Run box then click on OK button. You’ll get a Google chrome profile location in windows explorer.For windows 7,8,vista: Copy and Paste this following command: %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default in Run box then click on OK button. You’ll get a Google chrome profile location in windows explorer.
  4. In the default folder location, Rename a file, named as “Preferences“ to “Preferences.old“.
    (Note: to do that right-click on Preferences file and click on rename option you’ll get a edit box of Preferences file, now rename the text “Preferences” to “Preferences.old”)
  5. In the same default folder location, Rename one more file, named as “Web Data“ to “Web Data.old“.
    (Note: to do that right-click on Web Data file and click on rename option you’ll get a edit box of Web Data file, now rename the text “Web Data” to “Web Data.old”)
  6. Now start your Google chrome, it should be restored to default settings.

Step 5 : To Remove from Registry

  • Press “window key + R” (Flag sign key + R) you will get Run box then type “REGEDIT” into the run box then click on OK. You’ll get a registry editor window.
  • In the registry editor, click on Edit menu and then click on find option, you’ll get edit box to search any string into registry editor
  • Type “” into the find box and then click on Find Next.
  • The search result will highlight the key or value which have contains the string.
  • Now delete the Registry Key/Value/Value-Data if any one contains “” string (must see the example screenshot below)
    Note:- Do not delete the complete value data, just delete the path only (for example see screenshot3 below)
  • Use F3 key to find Next. and do the last step to all results.
  • We are giving you the example on “Conduit” Adware.

Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2


Screenshot 3


Step 6 : To Remove from Autorun Tasks

  • Click on Start button and then do Right-Click on the computer and then do left-click on Manage. A manage window will appear.
  • In the manage window click on Tasks Scheduler from right side pane, then click on “Task Scheduler Library“, Now look on left side pane and Remove all the Tasks which have contains string and also remove all the unknown / unwanted tasks from there (As per the screenshot below).


Step 7 : To Remove from Startup

  • Press “window key + R” (Flag sign key + R) you will get Run box then type “MSCONFIG into the run box then click on OK. You’ll get a msconfig window.
  • In the msconfig window click on Startup tab, here you’ll get all the startup entries, so look on the list and then do Un-check the entries which is contains Also Un-check all the others entries which you found unwanted. then click on OK to apply all the changes.


Step 8 : To Remove from Services

  • Press “window key + R” (Flag sign key + R) you will get Run box then type “MSCONFIG” into the run box then click on OK. . You’ll get a msconfig window.
  • In the msconfig window click on Services tab, here you’ll get all the startup services list, click on “Hide Windows Services” all the windows related services will be hidden. now it’s only display the 3rd party installed services, now look on the list and then do Un-check the service which have contains Also Un-check all the unknown / unwanted services. then click on OK to apply all the changes.


Step 9 : To remove registry entries with Adwcleaner.exe

Here is the proper step-by-step guide to remove any adware from registry, please follow the steps.

9.1 : Download AdwCleaner from the below link.

Click Here to Download: Adwcleaner.exe

9.2 : Run that downloaded file (Adwcleaner.exe).

9.3 : When you get it started, click on scan button to search the files and registry entries (As shown below screenshot).


9.5 : When scanning process will be finished, click on Clean button to delete all the files and registry entries (as shown on below screenshot)


Step 10 : To remove with Hitman-Pro

Click here to Download Hitmanpro_x32bit.exe

Click here to Download Hitmanpro_x64bit.exe



Step 11 : To remove with Malwarebytes.

11.1 : Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free, then double click on it to install it.

Click Here to Download Malwarebytes.exe

How to use malwarebytes

How to use malwarebytes

11.2 : Update online Virus Definition

How to use malwarebytesHow to use malwarebytes

11.3 : Tick mark on “Perform quick scan” then click on Scan

11.4 : When the scan done click on “Show results”How to use malwarebytes

11.5 : After clicking on Show result it will you a another window where you will get the found threats. Click on “Remove Selected”

How to use malwarebytes


  1. Brooke Lenz says

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  3. WatchThugs says

    You can also use MALWARE BYTES ANTIMALWARE in addition to above.

  4. Charles says

    I have the ‘SafeSearch’ Virus/Malware on my system and your program did not get rid of it. I did run the reset browsers after the scan. When I go into Chrome (my main Browser) it is still showing ‘SafeSearch’ as the default Browser and will not let me change it. Please can you help?

    1. Techexpert says

      Sure, we will help you with that.
      Follow the following reputed tools which are free to use and able to detect them and remove this infection easily.

      Advanced Steps:
      1. Download & Run a scan with an anti-adware (Adwcleaner). Click here to download “Adwcleaner.exe“.
      2. Download & Run an Anti-malware scan (Malwarebyes) scan. Click here to download: Malwarebytes.
      3. Download & Run Hitman-Pro Anti-malware. Click here to download Hitman Pro – 32bits | Hitman Pro – 64 bit.
      Please let us know if doesn’t solve your issue. We would be happy to assist you further.


    2. elvir says

      i had same problem, but after installing microsoft security and malware byte i’ve solved my problem

  5. Larry says

    Any suggestions for a Mac user?

    1. Techexpert says

      Yes, Try Adware Medic from our tools page.

  6. Rahul says

    I am not able to remove safesearch from my browser. plz help.

    1. Techexpert says

      We just have added some more traces of adware into our adware definition. Please run our tool again and let us know again if can’t detect this time.

  7. Craig James says

    Safesearch is not listed in my list of programs, not is it listed in Firefix add-ons.

    How then, do I remove it?

    1. Techexpert says

      Just run our tool (Adware Removal tool) and it will remove for you automatically.

  8. gagan says

    Immensely helpful, perfect at its job and very easy process.

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  10. Davdi Muraca says

    Found your program on the list of helpful utilities to remove SafeSearch. It will ingrained into the OS of Windows and there was no way to uninstall. Your program found all entries of it ( over 30 ) and cleaned them easily. I am not the greatest so I prefer to not mess with the registry which is what needed to be done. Took care of them all and more.


  11. Randy Wilson says

    I have been trying to remove safe search virus for several hours. I downloaded Malwarebytes I think it was and another one called Hitman pro and they both found stuff but they did not remove the virus. I saw on this scan with your software the actual name being removed and I’m hoping it has cleaned it for good….I will be making a donation in a couple weeks if the virus is gone and doesn’t come back. Thanks for the help!

  12. JackKirby says

    thx u for cleaning my computer

  13. Keith says

    This was the only tool I found that removed SafeSearch from Chrome. Good job!

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    The Tool found 92 objects on my computer and removed them without a hitch. It solved my Safesearch problem that had been driving me crazy. Thank you!
    (I made a contribution.)

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    This app works great. I got burned trying to down load some “free” pdf reader software. I got SafeSearch hijacked into my browsers. The scanner found it in 70 locations. One click and they were all deleted or repaired.

  17. Emerson says

    I downloaded this tool to solve the Safesearch adware problem. It found 488 other adware related issues, I can only laugh that this software solved/removed ALL of them. You deserve a medal (and a donation of course). Keep up the good work.

  18. Sminto Antony says

    Looks like it worked to get rid of safesearch.. THANKS 🙂

  19. Mike Lewis says

    Many thanks for this excellent adware remover, you have rid my p.c of safesearch which Nortons, McAfee, AVG, Trend Micro couldn’t do!

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    Wow, cant thank you enough, so glad I came across this. Removed the safesearch bs search bar on my computer with ease.

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    Great tool, effective. Congratulations

  22. Chester A. says

    It worked great, I had this annoying “mysafesavings” adware that my antivirus and malwarebytes did not pick up, spyhunter found it, but they wanted me to pay to remove it! This small TSA tool did the job for free!
    Thanks alot! (if you cud make a version that works offline it would be nice, but i undersatand that you want the database updated when it scans)

    1. Techexpert says

      Thank you for using our tool. We are already working on offline version. Hopefully, in next version have this feature.

  23. Andrea says

    Do you have anything like this for MS Edge?
    (That is, for getting rid of on this

    1. Techexpert says

      For MS Edge we have only one option (RESET Edge.) You’ll get “reset edge” option in end of our tool.

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    It has been an amazing and awesome tool. I am very indebted to the developers. Well done and thank you immensely.

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    Done all of the above look under Charles’ comment I have exactly what he has. Safesearch default has locked out from resetting it in google chrome. Nothing found in registry on safesearch

  27. sjraar says

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  28. raymond stogner says

    SafeSearch invaded my computer, but the tech routed me to the removal tool, and it worked like a charm. thanks for the help.

  29. tricia says

    I have done all of these steps and still safesearch will not go away. When I go into settings to change my default to it will not allow me to delete safe search from the options. What do I do?

    1. Techexpert says

      Thank you for contacting us,
      Sure, we’ll help you to remove this Adware from your computer. Could you please provide our tool’s scan logs at which is located under following locations. And after that we can give solution of this problem:

      “C:\Program Files\Adware Removal Tool by TSA\Reports\”
      “C:\Program Files (x86)\Adware Removal Tool by TSA\Reports\”


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