Today we will see how to disable the touchpad in Windows 10. It is well known that this is a touchpad that acts as a mouse. In this way it is possible to use the device without connecting this peripheral. However, there are times when it is necessary to disable this functionality. For example, if a mouse is installed. In this case, there may be hardware interference. That is why today we will see how to do it in a very simple way.

disable touchpad

How to Disable the Touchpad from Windows Settings.

It is certainly possible to disable the touchpad from the Hardware options. However, Windows offers this possibility in a simpler way.

  1. Go to Windows Settings – press the Win+I combination. Once you’re there, click on Devices.
  2. Next, scroll down to the bottom until you click on Touchpad from the left side pane.
  3. You will immediately see a switch under the word Touchpad. In fact, you just need to deactivate the switch. As a result, this device will be disabled. Please note that this option will only appear if you have a device with Touchpad. If you are using a desktop computer with a peripheral mouse, then the option will not be available.
  4. However, Windows presents another option. If you check the box below, then the system will leave the touchpad active. However, if you connect a mouse, then it will stop working. So there is no interference. On the other hand, if you unplug the mouse, then the touchpad will start working again.
  5. That’s it. Your laptop’s pointer touchpad should be disabled.

This way we have seen how to disable the touchpad on a laptop in Windows 10. Please stay tuned to our updates for more tutorials on Windows 10.