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CD Drive not found not Detect – Remove Upper and Lower Filter


My CD drive have elimination mark in device manager, cd/dvd drive drivers are installed properly i also know i have to remove  Upper filter and Lower Filter but i don’t remember where it would found in registry ?

Solved Answer

There are some particular registry keys where you have to delete upper & lower filter keys, Here we are  providing you step by step guide to delete Upper & lower Filter for CD/DVD Drive, Follow the below instructions carefully, because this part of registry is very sensitive.

1. Open Registry editor and Delete Upper / Lower Filter.
  • Click on Start click on All Programs click on Accessories click on Run, you will a Run box, type REGEDIT in this run box then hit enter, you will get registry editor window.
  • In this registry editor, open this following path.
  • Go to SYSTEM
  • Go to CurrentControlSet
  • Go  to Control
  • Go to Class
  • Click on {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}, then look on the right pane and delete the all the UpperFilter & LoweFilter Value (Note: Do not delete UpperFilters.bak if exists)
  • That’s it, you can close the registry editor and restart your computer once. after restart you issue will be fixed.

upperfilter remove for cd drive

Important This specific, method, as well as activity contains steps than enable you to recognize how it is possible to customize the personal computer registry. However, critical problems may possibly arise in case you customize the personal computer registry improperly. For that reason, make certain that you just adopt these measures meticulously. For extra defense, support the personal computer registry before you decide to adjust it. And then, you are able to recuperate the personal computer registry in case your problem happens. To acquire more information concerning how to assistance as well as get back the personal computer registry.

How you can help and regain the particular registry to solve this matter, take away the afflicted filter motorists. To get this done, adopt these measures:
Be aware Once you are taking away the particular UpperFilters registry admittance as well as the LowerFilters computer registry entry, you may lose overall performance in a few applications, for instance Compact disk recording applications. Within this scenario, you have to re-install any kind of impacted applications.

6 thoughts on “CD Drive not found not Detect – Remove Upper and Lower Filter”

  1. My CD player was not being recognized by my computer. My computer went out of a one year warranty on August 14, 2014. HP transferred me to some company in Canada; for out of warranty service. They estimated about $99 bucks to fix the problem and I could sign up for continued help for about $15 bucks a month. I followed these instructions; found and deleted a lower filter (no upper filter was in my system registry) ~rebooted and presto ~ my computer was picking up my CD. Thank you guys so very much. Best wishes.

  2. Hi, I had the same problem. I have Samsung Notebook NP350E5C-SO1IN which is a year old. My DVD drive did not show up on my computer. As I searched for a solution on the internet, I came to know that the problem must be due to Windows 8.1. I tried all the fixes suggested by Microsoft including changes in the registry, checking disk manager (Under DVD icon TSSTcorp CDDVDW SN-208BB which was greyed out, properties showed error 45) for three days but to no avail. That was frustrating. Thought for going to the service center and spend some extra bucks for repair. Then today, I used the support center and did a diagnosis. It showed only one problem (error: boot speed slow). I clicked on the error to resolve it and it showed (Superfetch auto fixing. Enable superfetch to make boot and application speed faster). I shut down the PC as I had to go out for a few minutes. Later, when I switched it on, after a few minutes a popup showed up at the bottom near the hidden icon (sata unknown disk removed) and heard the similar purr of the DVD drive. I checked out ‘My computer’ and the ‘DVD RW’ icon had showed up. I played a cd and it works fine. Hope it stays that way.
    I would request all IT geeks to explain what had gone wrong with my pc and how the problem was solved.

  3. oh, cd/dvd is no show in dev.mgr. but there is cd rom device icon where my E:drive used to be befor it disappeard, thanks

    1. Right click on CDROM in Device manager and the click on uninstall and then reboot your computer once. It will be solved. Please revert back if doesn’t.

      1. Onlycd/dvd in DEV MGR. is the virtual from Elab Bytes. Only cd/dvd in Computer w/icon is the virtual one. But, CD/DVD is listed in Boot List. No upper/lower filters in entire key. Power is on to disc player. MS says a recent update was tagged with an optical device bug which I think is what killed my Webcam (maybe cd too?) so I need solutions to both. Bless you all.

  4. No filters listed, which is good I suppose, but since I istll win7 ultim 64, no webcam (shows .unknown device’ with updated driver in dev.mgr.) and no cd/dvd even with no 4D36E filters. both are powered but I got Lightscribe and Virtualclone and nothing works or helps…..dogonnit

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