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  • Suddenly SSD failed, Is their anyway to recover data from SSD?

    I have installed a SSD in place of Optical disk drive in my Dell 5567 laptop. I transferred the windows 10 installation from my old HDD to new SSD with the help of this guide. https://www.techsupportall.com/how-to-move-windows-10-from-hdd-to-ssd/

    It was working fine, but today in the morning as I started my laptop it started screaming beeps with a message on the screen. Dell SupportAssist has detected a failing component. Hard disk 1 SMART predictive failure with an error code : 2000-0151.

    Actually the first question that came into my mind is that How can a new 6 months old SDD can corrupt? Where as people claim that SSDs are more reliable then HDDs.

    When I checked in the bios it is detecting the SSD, So I thought that it was only a warning and may be I can start the Windows. But unfortunately it is unable to start with boot record not found error.

    Then I attached the SSD to another computer to recover my important data. Though it is able to detect the drive but unable to open it with a message that there is some incorrect parameter.

    Is there any hope to recover my data?

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