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    I have deleted hiberfil.sys as administrator but it has not freed up any space on my C:?

    I am running fully updated Windows 10 on my laptop. I notice that my C: is almost out of space and the huge file using 90%+ is hiberfil.sys. I went to your website and followed the directions to delete hiberfil.sys and I have done so as administrator BUT it has not freed up any space on my C:. To all intents and purposes, the file is still there. It is not in the recycle bin. How can I fully delete it and free up the space?


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    Techexpert |  #22320

    If you are facing this issue then we suggest you:

    1. Please turn off the hibernate option from power settings
    2. Then run disk cleanup.
    3. Then run System Maintenance.
    4. After that Reboot your computer.
    5. Then try to remove hiberfil.sys if it is still existed.
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