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  • How to fix ‘system thread exception not handled’ error in windows 10?

    A error message keeps showing on my computer: ‘system thread exception not handled’ Have anyone idea about this error message, how to fix it?

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    System Thread Exception Not Handled Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is a common error when windows encounters a problem and normally restarts automatically there after. The main causes are;

    • Driver issues.
    • Windows update errors.
    • Newly Installed program causing errors.

    To fix this problem follow the following steps

    • Uninstall any newly installed software.
    • Check and do a system repair to repair system files Using command line (CMD). To do so press windows+X to open CMD then choose open as administrator and run this command CHKDSK C: /F /R and press enter then choose Y for yes. Restarts your PC and the process will begin automatically. Once it is done perform a System File Checker (SFC) command using sfc /scannow it will take time to complete be patient.

    Screenshot (60)

    • Perform a system restore. whenever a new software or a driver is installed, a restore point is always saved so that you can revert back changes made in case of an error. You can perform a system restore directly by searching for restore point or by using advanced mode. In case you don’t know how to enter this mode check here https://www.techsupportall.com/fix-blue-screen-error-windows-10/
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