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  • Disable Auto Arrange _ A TEMPORARY SOLUTION MAYBE

    It is November 2019 and it seems you have not yet been able to offer a solution to saving the order of File Types (Icons) after you have manually rearranged them after having downloaded the Disable Auto Arrange Tool from your site for Win 10.
    If you could offer a suggestion as to how an alteration to this process (below) can be made this might offer some a temporary (but not ideal) solution – see below:-
    If, in Win 10 you save the Folder Content Icons – in my case in large view – by TYPE you get a series of horizontal sections – however there does not seem to be a way of customising the Types shown so that, for example, Folder File Icons appear first, PDF Files appear second and Word File Icons underneath – in other words Customize the order from top to bottom that the Icons are shown.
    If there is a Fix – please share it, preferably as a Download.

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