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  • Device security Windows Defender, core isolation, on or off?

    I recently set my time and date setting to manual since the date was being changed without my consent. This morning the date was changed again to July. I noticed in windows defender settings under Device Security that Core Isolation was in OFF position. Should it be turned on or will it give me more problems? Under those same settings under core isolation, it says Standard Hardware security not supported.

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    Date & time keeps changing randomly, it means its settings gone wrong, you need to update the setting to set time manually.

    To fix the date and time issue we refer to an article which help you to solve this issue, Click here.

    Yes, your windows defender should be turned ON. If it keeps turning off then the Viruses & Malwares can come easily into your computer.

    We don’t recommend to use ONLY windows defender security because it is not a good security than Norton and AVG security etc. for PCs. We’ll recommend you Norton Security, AVG Security, Mcafee etc.

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