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  • cant open any files

    hi I tried to look on the internet why I cant open files and it came up with changing regedit codes into exe files and now I cant open anything including regedit do you know how I can solve this problem? everything asks me “how I want to open this file?”

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    If any exe file is not working in your computer, so it might be possibility that “.exe” file association got damaged. To fix this, you just need to run its default registry file. The file association default registry files are easily available for download but you need to download them according to your operating system version.
    So finally, we recommend you some following steps, please follow them and report us back.

    1. Download “.exe” file association registry file and run it. Here is the download page.
    2. Reboot your computer once.
    3. After reboot, Download and Run HitmanPro 32 bit  / HitmanPro 64bit.
    4. Download and Run Trojan Remover.
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