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  • All my files from external hard drive was changed

    All my files from my external hard drive was changed to. Format file..  How do I get my file back to normal files.  For example if its a jpg file , it is changed to .jpg.format . And if its pdf file its changed to. Pdf.format .. How do I get back my files to open as normal files


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    Your computer got infected with “STOP Ransomware [DJVU]” that encrypts the pictures and documents and other files. You also get a message that asks you for ransom to decrypt the encrypted files. The files that have been converted to .jpg to .jpg.format is encrypted with STOP ransomware. Without decryption you can open and use these files.

    You must have a text file on your desktop named: _readme.txt which has all the information about that ransom.

    Is it asking for an offline key to decrypt the files? If so, try this Stopdecrypter tool to get it activated (After that remove it). Try Quickheal decrypter tool as well if the stop decrypter doesn’t work.

    After decrypting your files, remove the ransomware from your computer using the following tools.

    1. HitmanPro

    2. Malwarebytes

    3. Use Online virus scanner & removal tool.

    I think you got ransomware on your computer due to lack of antivirus security. We suggest you use good security on your computer to protect your computer from viruses. Check out our Antivirus deals page to get a good antivirus at a smart price.


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    I have found this file decrypter tool made by Emsisoft antivirus. Here’s its how to use guide. Please keep me updated on the status of the issue here.

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