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  • A strange transparent square box on my desktop wallpaper

    Today I noticed that there is a transparent box is appearing on my desktop wallpaper. But actually it is not in the original image. I have set the slideshow in Windows 10. It was working fine but today it strangely this square is there. Please help me to resolve this issue.

    It is transparent box only border is visible and I can even resize this box with the mouse pointer.

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    Here is the screenshotdesktop-error

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    I just checked and found it disappear automatically. Though issue has been resolved but still don’t know the exact reason of the problem. I will update here if the problem appear again. Thanks.


    It is really strange. It seems like a problem with the PC graphics. There might be three possibilities that could be there.

    1)  Any application software’s flash screen remains in the graphics. It could be fixed after restarting the PC. Update or reinstall your graphic drivers.

    2) Some Windows 10 users reported that they have seen some desktop icon background color issues after updating their Windows. The solution is, wait for the next update.

    3) Sometimes the desktop.ini file gets corrupted. To fix this issue, delete desktop.ini (system file) and then reboot your computer to recreate this file automatically. Usually the desktop.ini file is hidden as it is a system file, you may unhide it by turning off the option “Hide protected operating system files” option from the folder option.

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