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Backup your files before applying October 2018 update in Windows 10

As Windows has released another major update for Windows 10. It is known as the October 2018 update (Version 1809). Previous update was in April 2018. Microsoft has decided to release two major updates every year in April and October. But wait before you apply the new updates to the Windows 10 this time. Some users have reported a serious issue with these updates.

A user at Microsoft forum reported that Windows 10 October 2018 update deleted the important files from the user account (which includes documents and photos folder in the user folder)


The user lost his data and he was unable to recover the data even after rolling back the updates. But because that user had taken backup of the data to an external drive 2 months ago. So he was able to recover his 23 years hard work. Whatever the reason behind this whether the bug in windows 10 update or due to the mistake of the user. It can even happen to anyone for not just during windows updates but for any technical reason.

We should have to understand that data is important for us and it is our responsibility to make it secure. So we advise everyone to backup your important files to an external hard drive or any other location before applying new updates to windows 10. Even you should have to backup your data on regular interval to avoid the data loss.

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Please share your experience about the windows 10 updates. If you have any issue use the below comment box to ask your questions.

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  1. Windows 10 has already delayed the update. So it is advisable to not to download the update manually.

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