I was playing a game and it froze and then came the BSOD, I allowed it to restart, however as the system restated, the BSOD came up again.

I then waited for a while and no restart, so I did a hard shut down and then start up about two times and the same result. I then proceeded to remove and re-insert the RAM and GPU, it gave the same result.

I went through all the advanced options:

1. Automatic Repair; It could not finish this operation
2. Restore points; It could not finish this operation

Any advice as to solving the issue, is it hardward?

I have a minimal system set up:

1. 8GB RAM
2. 500GB Storage
3. MSI Atx MoBo
4. RX550 4GB GPU
5. 500w PSU
6. Non-Activated Windows 10 Pro

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