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New Avira 2019 Introduced with password manager

Avira 2019

Avira is getting better with every release. It is giving tough competition in the free antivirus race to the Avast and AVG. Avira has now introduced the 2019 edition of its Free and Premium products. The major change in the new version is the new Password Manager feature. It can be used and synced along to different devices like computer and mobile etc.

Its Internet security suite which is a premium product comes with an automatic update to outdated software and drives in the PC. It helps to patch the drivers and apps immediately to avoid any kind of breach in security. In 2019 edition its malware engine has also been improved to with behavioral or AI based detection to catch even the unknown malware in real time. New version faster and lighter then its previous version.

What Avira CEO said “With Avira Antivirus 2019, you’ll experience a significant performance boost in everything you do with your device, whether this is surfing, downloading, or running applications, all while enjoying best-in-class malware protection.”

These days when virus definition files are growing very fast and getting heavier, so relying on the traditional database is not the solution. Avira has now implemented the behavioral technology with its cloud technology. In new cloud detection every product acts like a sensor to detect the newly discovered malware. Avira has also lowered price for its premium product to give a tough competition to big players.

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