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  • What is relevant knowledge?

    I have got ‘relevant knowledge’ popup on my screen randomly. It is really very irritating, a popup comes up suddenly on top of the screen and shows some coupons ads and asking for a survey and a lot of more prompts. Could anyone tell me what exactly is ‘relevant knowledge’? What is the purpose of it on my computer?

    Eventually, I want to get rid of this from my computer. Please guide me the right way to remove it, because it doesn’t show up in my control panel to uninstall it. What should I do to kill it?

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    Relevant knowledge software belongs to internet research firms called Comscore, Inc. One of the largest Internet research firms that operates worldwide and relies on the internet and user interaction to seek your opinion on marketing trends. This software collects data from users to see how people interact with content internet and TV for them to make informed marketing strategies. This software works both online and offline while collecting data for the users who installed the software. This software is like a malware for more check here https://www.relevantknowledge.com/home

    To uninstall the software, Go to settings->Apps-> Then scroll down to Relevantknowledge in apps & features then Uninstall it.

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    Thanks for the detailed information Yegon. As I said it is not in my control panel. So what to do in this case? It seems like a virus in computer but couldn’t find its culprit.


    Main signs of Relevant knowledge includes;

    • Relevant knowledge advertisements being displays on your google search results.
    • Websites being re-directed automatically to totally a different site.
    • Pop-up ads while browsing the web which gives you some information not necessary as per your search results.
    • Installation of new apps without your consent mostly adware programs.
    • Slowing down your browsing experience.

    This program normally gets installed in your system with or without your permission since it is mostly attached to other software programs or advertisements. Some sites do not not openly disclose that a given application will be installed including those adware only for you to realize later about it when it is already running in the system. Be careful when installing any free software and do not select to install everything for security purposes.

    To fully remove Relevant knowledge from your system, use the control panel, Malwarebytes , Hitman pro or use AdwCleaner. In our case we will utilize available inbuilt uninstaller found in windows control panel.

    Press Windows + S combination keys and search for Control panel->Control Panel->Programs->Programs and Features scroll down to Relevant knowledge Right-click on it then Uninstall it.

    Once the process is complete, go ahead and reset your browsers settings.

    To reset Chrome, Go to settings-> Advanced settings-> click Reset.

    For Firefox , go to settings-> Help->Choose troubleshooting Information-> then click Refresh Firefox

    For edge://settings/profiles then Reset settings.


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    Thanks Yegon, It worked for me, resetting chrome was the good trick to refresh chrome.

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