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  • virus?

    I get redirected and get pop ups.. If I go to my bank this comes up saying they are asking for user name and password call 1888-881-7133 for support?

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    Thank you for contacting us.
    We request you to please follow the following steps and then contact us again.
    Advanced Steps:
    1. Uninstall all the unwanted & unknown programs from control panel which you may got installed recently. You can click on “installed on” section in control panel –> “uninstall programs” to filter this list by the date. You can use REVO Uninstaller Tool  if you face any problem while uninstalling any program. (Note: you can skip that step if you don’t see any unwanted / unknown program).
    2. Download & Run our tool (Adware Removal Tool by TSA). Click here to download “Adware Removal Tool by TSA“.
    3. Download & Run a scan with an anti-adware (Adwcleaner). Click here to download “Adwcleaner.exe“.
    4. Download Run an Anti-malware scan (Malwarebyes) scan. Click here to download: Malwarebytes.
    5. Download Run Hitman-Pro Anti-malware. Click here to download  Hitman Pro – 32bits   |  Hitman Pro – 64 bit.
    TSA Team
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