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  • virus detection and removal for mac iOS system

    What is the best system to check for virus and then remove. Computer flashed apple virus detection click on link to remove in 4 minutes or will infect computer. Is this a scam to access computer.

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    Yes, it seems like a scam. Go to “System Preferences” on your computer and uninstall the recently installed programs from your computer. Also remove all unwanted and unknown browser-extension from safari browser.

    If the above trick did not work then could you please take a screenshot of the screen that you are getting and share it with us? Here’s how to take a screenshot of your computer screen and then share it with us:

    Follow the below steps to take a screenshot and share it with others within 10 seconds

    Step 1: Go to the screen where you want to take a screenshot.
    Step 2: Press the “PrtScn” (Print Screen) key from your keyboard.
    Step 3: Open https://imgur.com/ web page
    Step 4: Click on “New Post
    Step 5: Press “Ctrl + V” to paste the taken screenshot.
    Step 6: Click on the “Copy Link“. You can share this copied link with others. For now, share the link with us here.

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