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  • Upgrading windows 7 to 10

    I followed everything you said re upgrading to windows 10 and it said my pc isn’t supported yet on this version of windows 10

    Does this mean I will need an new pc or is there something else I can do?

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    Could you please share the complete error message text with us? Also, share your computer’s hardware specification with us. So that we can give you the solution of the issue.

    To get the hardware specification, follow the following steps.

    1. Press and hold Windows + R key together to open the RUN command box.
    2. Type msinfo32 int he open field edit box and click on OK. Your system info page will be open.
    3. Click on its file menu and click on save. Save it to the location you would like.
    4. Here’s the system information is saved in this file, please share this file to us at info@techsupportall.com, so that we can check that and give you answer.


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