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  • Uninstalling Word Pad

    I can’t get numbered pages, page size doesn’t work, I can’t write a story in Word Pad, Can I have it Uninstalled Please.

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    As I know, Wordpad is an integrated application of Windows, so it can’t be uninstalled or reinstalled. Wordpad run from a “.exe” file which is located in “c:/Windows/write.exe”

    We recommend you to please replace the write.exe file with the same operating system write.exe file.

    Relacing process.

    1. Rename the “write.exe” file to “write.exe.bak” from “c:/Windows/” location.
    2. Copy the write.exe file from another Windows and paste it to “c:/Windows/” location.
    3. Do same with the “c:/Windows/system32/” location.

    Here is the Windows 7 32bit default Write.exe file. If your operating system is different then we’ll provide you same OS write.exe file.

    Please reply back with the findings. Looking forward to your reply.


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