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  • Suddenly “INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE” Error on Windows 10

    Today when I started my Windows 10 PC. I got a strange error of inaccessible boot device. It is restarting windows repeatedly without any success. Then I tried to found out the solution on Internet but nothing is working for me. My hard disk is new and I believe this error is not related to corrupted hard disk. I tried to run in safe mode but same error occurs. I tried startup repair. SFC, CHKDSK commands and nothing is working. Please help I don’t want to reinstall the OS. Thanks!

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    Can you please tell the exact error message that appear on the Blue screen? And also the model / make of the PC?


    Try to process the following steps to get rid of this issue.

    Step 1: Let the computer restart 2 or 3 times and it will automatically give you options to troubleshoot your computer.

    Step 2: on first screen you will see three options (Continue, Troubleshoot and Turn Off). Choose the troubleshoot.

    Step 3: click on the Advanced Options

    Step 4: Click on the Command Prompt.

    Step 5: At command prompt run the following commands.

    reg load HKLM\trouble c:\windows\system32\config\software

    reg delete "HKLM\trouble\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Component Based Servicing\SessionsPending" /v Exclusive

    reg unload HKLM\trouble

    Hit enter key after each command.

    Step 6: After deleting the invalid registry entries now rollback the update package with the following commands.

    dism /image:C:\ /get-packages

    Now you have to find the installed pending package from the list. If there is no status for installed pending then choose the last installed package. It should be something rollback. Because the main culprit could be the last installed update package.

    Step 7: run following commands

    MKDIR C:\temp\trouble

    dism /image:c:\ /remove-package /packagename:PACKAGENAME /scratchdir:c:\temp\trouble

    Copy and paste the complete package name in place of PACKAGENAME from the get-packages command.

    Step 8: This step is optional but recommended

    This command will fix any error in system files. Run SFC Command like this

    SFC /scannow /offbootdir=c:\ /offwindir=c:\windows

    Give the drive letter and windows directory carefully. As sometimes when you start in troubleshoot mode drive letters can be changed.

    Now its time to restart and check if it works or not. Hopefully it should be fixed. Otherwise the other option is to Reset your PC. Reset PC with the option keep my files. It will only remove the installed software / apps but keep intact all your files like desktop, Documents etc.

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