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  • Yasir Ahamd
    “safefinder” Adware not removed from my pc

    adware named “safefinder” is installed in my PC mistakenly but I want to remove it. i have some adware tools including this “adware removal tool by TSA” but it does not work. “safefinder” opens in my browser and redirect to any other search engine “feez beez”. please help me! how can I remove it?

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  • Techexpert |  #25020

    Could you please share our tool’s scan logs with us? so that we can check and fix it. Here’s the guide to provide the scan logs:

    Techexpert |  #25031

    We are still waiting for your reply. Without scan logs we can’t diagnose the issue.


    I did not get any response from your side. It is very hard to fix the issue without checking the scan logs. Anyway, we have just updated our adware database, so we request you to please re-run our ART tool again. If it doesn’t work this time then try following the steps below:

    Manual Steps:

    • Remove safefinder from the Extension area.
    • Change your browser’s homepage to
    • Uninstall any unwanted programs from the control panel.
    • Remove any unwanted programs from the computer startup or task scheduler.

    If it doesn’t work this time either, then we suggest that you run the following tool’s scan:

    1. AdwCleaner  (Adware Remover)

    2. Zemana (Adware Remover & Protection Sheild)

    3. HitmanPro (Adware + Malware Removal and protection shield)

    Please let us know it doesn’t work.

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