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  • How do i get back my old edge?

    I don’t like the new up date of windows edge. How do i get back my old edge?

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    Its simple wayne. Just uninstall the new edge and will automatically restore the old one.

    You can uninstall it simply from the add & remove programs. Or (1) just search in the search bar with word ‘edge’ (2) right click on the program and click uninstall.


    Agreed with @pk. Uninstall the chromium-based edge browser from the control panel and then reboot your computer. Your old ‘Microsoft Edge Legacy’ browser will be back in shape.

    But what will happen if Windows update will update it again? In this case, you can stop doing this  particular action by creating a registry policy. Let’s see how:

    Step 1: Open the Registry Editor and then go to the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft

    Step 2: Right-click on Microsoft key and move the mouse pointer to New and then click on Key.

    Step 3: Name the new key EdgeUpdate and click on OK.

    Step 4: After creating, click on newly created EdgeUpdate.

    Step 5: Now right-click on the right-side pane and move your mouse pointer to New and then click on “DWORD (32-bit) Value“.

    Step 6: Name the key’s value DoNotUpdateToEdgeWithChromium and click on OK.

    Step 7: After created, double-click on the ‘DoNotUpdateToEdgeWithChromium’ value and change its value data to 1

    Step 8: That’s it, reboot your computer once. Your current edge browser will not update automatically or manually until you revert to the steps above.

    If you want to get a new chromium-based browser in the future, then you can revert the steps.

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