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  • Removing more than one extension and search engine from Google Chrome

    Most of time we see that many extensions are added in the Google Chrome. If we have to remove all extensions, we have to remove them one-by-one and for all extensions corresponding webpage opens. It takes more time. Can I remove all extensions of Google Chrome same time with 1 or 2 clicks?

    Same way, most of time we see that many search engines are added in the Google Chrome and if I have to remove all search engines, I have to remove all search engines one-by-one. Can I remove all search engines in Google Chrome with 1 or 2 clicks?

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    For now google Chrome does not have that option under chrome://extensions/ and they must be working on it. Extensions helps a lot to add features to our browser based on our preferences to make our browsing experience fun and smooth. These extensions are customized according to the intended purpose. They include IDM integration module, Adblock, uTorrents  among others. The reason behind not including remove all extensions properties is because they most people can only install a few important extensions to serve them over a period of time and thus it can be easily removed one by one. The only way of removing those extensions if they are too much is resetting your browser to default of which is not a good idea.

    We hope some changes will be made in future updates to fix this issue and make work easier to remove those extensions with one click. The same applies to such engines, the research shows that most people prefer to use google as their default search engine a clear indication that few people are likely to install other search engines. For now the most common search engines are very few therefore they are focusing on making their own better and encouraging people to use.

    Let us hope for those changes in the coming updates to make it more convenient to remove extensions or search engines with just one click.

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